Thank You!!!

Huge, huge thanks from everyone here and from Mori in Tokyo for the positive response to Pheyaos!

This wave was actually first put in motion last summer, and due to a lot of luck (and some very long hours), things actually landed where they were supposed to for Wave 80. We really appreciate the strong turnout for the Pheyaos debut and it definitely opens up the doorway to producing additional figures that walk the line more closely between "narrative" and "building" in the future. Both Mori and I want to continue exploring our collaborative universe for another 10 years to come!

To keep the ball rolling, expect to see some more Pheyaos action late this month/early June, as well as another return of an old color combo that dates back to the early years of production. Mori, Marcus and I dove deep into the upcoming new Pheyaos editions together, fusing a number of our shared interests into what we hope is a worthy follow up to the first rollout.

As of this writing, every order placed since the launch has been shipped, including all internationals. This round of packing was an extra beefy one, so it took us a little longer to process everything, as we didn't want to miss a beat. I personally checked every Pheyaos that went out, to make sure the little mutant was looking sharp. Michelle was superhuman as usual, showcasing her amazing Rain Man-like organizational abilities (right down to the toothpicks and cheese balls). Marcus returned to the paper and taping mayhem this time and helped speed the process of getting the boxes out of here, and also played DJ for a couple of days. Barn tunes consisted of Koffee, Kaytranada, Riot and a taste of the new Flying Lotus (with Little Dragon=heaven).

Looking ahead, we're super excited to share the next assortment (Wave 81) with you guys later this month, and hopefully the good luck will continue as we finalize the other new projects we've been developing alongside Pheyaos.

Massive thanks once again from both Onell and RealxHead!



  1. You guys absolutely nailed it with Pheyaos, this is a great fun figure! The details are nuts and I love the weight this little chunk has, i’ve hardly set them down. They’ll definitely remain in pocket for a while.

    Congrats on another great drop and more importantly on a great collab, can’t wait to see where you take this little oddity!

  2. Always look forward to the thank you posts, a drop doesn't feel complete until I get to read it. Still hoping for lore on this one, I really want to know what Viyer has to do with Pheyaos. Really excited where the new toy is going and already have a few coats of paint on one of my clears.

  3. Can't wait to get my first Pheyaos! I already have an idea for a killer repaint too!

  4. One of my favorite drops. Hope to see more Mordireus soon!!!

  5. Congrats! Kind of a surprise to have a new sculpt outside of July for a change, but very cool to see this come to fruition.

    So wait, does that mean next drop is a Pheyaos versus Gendrone wave?

  6. Thank you so much for this wave! Now that it is in-hand it's pretty safe to say that Enigma is my new favorite colorway!

  7. Great wave, Matt. I hope I don't loose street cred, but my brain just cleared and I realized that the name 'Searsden' is homage to the Sears exclusive he's based on. Radical! And thanks for the extra, he will be happily painted!

    A weird side note popped in my brain when you mentioned wave 81, and I know this is still a while off, but I thought it would be extra rad if for wave 100 you included a figure from each artist you've worked with over the years. The RealXHead piece is a real star jammer!