Gratitude in Solitude

July 2020 marks the 13th year that we've been making little plastic creations and sending them out into the world to meet you. During all that time, throughout all the twists, we've worked like crazy to maintain a true sense of freedom, so we could share the stuff we create with each of you, on our own terms and through our own avenues, with no outside interference. We've been beyond lucky to be able to carry on this operation, and with no exaggeration, every day we're genuinely and deeply thankful for the people that have made it possible. Those people, of course, are each of you.

With the spiked intensity of these last months slamming on top of an already heavy year, the internal perspective on what we do and the reasons why we do it have been under an extremely critical personal examination. It's been harder to stay balanced while so many are hurting worse than ever, even though the injustices coming into focus have been going on all along.

We've contributed what we can to assist the groups that are out there working everyday, doing the toughest and most thankless volunteer work that so many of us never even see. I don't like to politicize this creative area, particularly because it's supposed to be an escape from the various challenges of the world, but talking about life outside the confines of our lighter pursuits sometimes has to happen. I'm only sorry that I couldn't articulate these thoughts, however scattershot, sooner.

Ruminating on the state of the world from within a vacuum somehow triggered a pretty manic output of work for me, and though my right eye is about cooked at this point, some strange new characters (and a couple of old ones) have crawled forth from all the extensive isolated sculpting and drawing. The therapeutic power of the arts cannot be stressed enough and remains eternal. Increased mental static and all, I still feel an absolute passion to make things.

As far as actual activity over here goes, currently the plan is to have our next wave (13th anniversary) available in early August. Hopefully, the additional amount of time we've poured into making these more sporadic releases extra special will make you smile a bit. Beyond that, our family will remain committed to building our bonds with the rest of the world, even from a distance.

We do this together.


  1. No matter how much we try to isolate ourselves, nothing truly occurs in a vacuum. Even if we shut ourselves totally out, the rejection is itself an influence.
    The Pheyden mask gif is timely and awesome.
    I think I’m not the only one who would love to see some of these drawings and other windows into the creative process of your mind.
    I’m also glad that I found this sector of the universe and have had the opportunity to meet you personally.
    Looking forward to seeing where things go in the fullness of time.

    And check out Dreadstar! And Omnivore/Orn/Ox.

  2. Well said.

    Things are not getting easier, but maybe there's some hope to be had that more people are coming together, that the difficult work of change will have an even greater number of hands to build it than ever before.

    But in that, there is also a need for finding some quiet space, some place where a person can be restored, and in that meditation create the drive to keep going.

    Writing has been a part of that space for me, as have building toys, and since 2008, Glyos has been a part of both in some way. I am grateful that, for thirteen years now, the whole Onell extended family has kept pursuing this idea, building upon it in so many ways, as it has brought some comfort in a trying time.

    Here's to more years of creativity, aliens, robots, strange creatures, and little spaces that we all sometimes need to keep going.

  3. It still boggles my mind how it's been 13 yrs already. I met Beth 13 yrs ago this past spring and we'll have been together as a couple 13 yrs in 15+ days or so. I still remmeber watching that olllllld video of you and Megan at SDCC telling the guy recording about Glyos & Sidrick. I remember seeing ads for Glyos in ToyFare magazine and talking to John about these "Glyos figures". I remember my first order (x1 Rothan Pheyden, x1 Solaris Exellis & x1 Crayboth Sentinel 2-pack) that I had to have a friend place for me because I didn't have a debit card in 2008.

    I remember meeting you at Toy Fair 2009 for the first time with my friend Andrew where you were shocked to see me also wearing Columbia shoes and an old leather belt saying "Where did you come from??". I remember making the Alien Mercenaries comic and talking to you about it and you telling me making my own blog for it. I remember the craziness of that late late laaaate night release where I stayed up until like 3 or 4 am to make sure I grabbed an Armodoc. I remember going to New York Comic Con with you guys, going on food crawls (and horrible photos with kielbasa), meeting Mel Birnkrant, meeting James Groman with you guys and countless other memories that would take another good 15 minutes to type out.

    Suffice it to say, my life (creatively and otherwise) has been far more enriching after the events of July 2007, both in befriending you and meeting my wife.

    Creating is what we types do best, it's like a super power: we can't completely shut it off and have to make something with the energy we generate otherwise we explode. I've been sewing like crazy since all this insanity began and I've just been improving and tightening up my skills with each plushie I assemble.

    I'm on board for the long haul sir, ol' Bah'glenn ain't going anywhere if I can help it and I'm hoping the same for you all too. Can't wait to see what August brings for Glyos!

  4. HELL YEAH!!!!!! GLYOS!!!!!!!!!! Love this stuff. Yo matt we need the microshin glyan to come back.

  5. I know your creations are an absolute bright spot in my little world. I can't wait for all your amazing creations, and hopefully to join in making some too!

  6. In this era of reduced toy runs, I know I'm happy you and your crew are continuing this line and its many cousins elsewhere. It's always a treat to have something fun and new to play with on my desk when you guys do a new drop, too!

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  9. I love this whole Glyos family. The makers, the supporters, everyone who has ever put a Glyos piece in their collection, you all rule.

  10. As a long time collector, fan and want-to-be customizer, Glyos has been a beacon of hope and light in these trying times.
    Long ago the community gave me the courage to try my hand at sculpting, and it has been my creating of custom heads for Glyos and it's extended universe that has kept me same over these stressful months.

    So thanks to you Matt and everyone in the community to giving me an outlet to use.

    I wish to send thanks and some positive energy to everyone in community, and hope that we can all continue on for a long time.

  11. Hi there.

    I was wondering. For us international types, say, Taiwan - will you guys be offering international shipping? I didn't see the option last time I purchased.

    Looking forward to your next drop!

  12. I can fully relate...I have been sculpting like a mad woman since this year began..and even harder since all the covid stuff.The peace creating brings is an incredible gift. It's neat to see you've been in a similar head space despite all the darkness going on everywhere around us.

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    1. Are you like, the actul crafsman? If so, thanks for introducing me

  14. We're kind of verging from early August to mid August now. Hoping to hear something soon. The suspense is killing me, because anniversary drops tend to be especially awesome.

    1. Yeah I’m antsy too

      Wonder if the numerological “cursed 13” thing plays into the theme...

    2. Ooh or a Pheyden Voorhees tribute