Wave 95 is GO!

Wave 95 is live!

Massive, massive thanks are in order to Cady, Sen, Glen and Mori for their inspirational and exceptional work on this long gestating wave. We could not be more excited to be working with each one of them, whether it being for over a decade, or only just a year. Kaisyriax is finally unleashed in style thanks to each one of you!                    

Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.


  1. Wow, is that Cady's work above? The detail on Kaisyriax is stunning, and then when i look at the background, I get lost in those visceral alien shapes in the background.

    1. She's been working hard! I keep joking that she's in her Geof Darrow phase right now.

  2. Makes me wish there was a cardback for this release

  3. This was an amazing drop Matt, worth the wait, I love the new crossover parts and the new colors ways, great way to end the year!

  4. Such a beautiful metallic red Pheyden Ceralloid! And I'm impressed that in 2022, you can still get a Traveler for under $10.

  5. A very fun and exciting drop, and it's great to see the fusion of styles that went into Kaisyriax!

    (That being said, it's also great to see some mechanical action in the assortment, too!)