Power-Con 2023

If you're in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, check out an especially super charged Power-Con, featuring a jam packed exhibition of independent action figure makers from all over the country. Also make sure to swing by the newly assembled "Glyos Alley" section of the show to catch up with many of the current Glyos makers and get your first shot at their special Power-Con exclusives. 

Celebrating our first attendance of this long running show, Onell Design and Culture Pirates will be releasing a special small Power-Con joint assortment across our two sites. Both attendees of the convention and those at home will have the chance to pick up the figures, both onsite and online, while supplies last. 

Our stores will open simultaneously tomorrow night, Friday the 11th, at 9:30PM EDT for online sales.

Onsite sales will open in Glyos Alley tomorrow when Power-Con begins at 2PM. 

A massive thank you goes out to Val Staples for inviting us to his show and letting us join in the fun!


  1. AHHH! I know those silhouettes! Been WAY too long since these guys got out to play. Can't wait to see the colorways you have on deck Matt!

    Enjoy Power Con, it looks like it's jam packed with vintage toy designers this year, and I think Marty "Mego" Abrams is going to be there across from Glyos alley.

  2. Arthrodak still remains my favorite of the new heads. That jaw action is amazing. Can't wait to see what you and everyone else has to offer.

    1. I still remember having a huge smile on my face when Matt showed me that figure when I visited him in 2019.

  3. HYPE! Love the arthrodak and neo wyverillian heads, thank you so much for bringing them back!

  4. Go to Tommy’s if you dig thin crust pizza. I’m not a big fan of the form but they do it well.

  5. I'll admit I waited an extra 2 minutes just in case we got matching Crayboth over here as well. lol.