Thank You!!!

A gigantic holiday thanks to all of you for making Wave 99 something special. The world we're living in is kind of all over the place these days, so we really appreciate your continued interest and support of all things Glyos on the whole. I'm beyond thankful each and every day that our paths continue to run together over so many hills and valleys. You guys motivate everybody over here to keep pushing further into the depths of our imaginations, discovering new creative frontiers to share with each of you.  

Wave 99 went through an abnormal number of revisions during its development, mainly due to so many ideas popping up right as we were about to lock everything in. It was mostly a good thing, but boy did it take us for a ride on the way to the finish line. However, one main point that never shifted was the return of Hades and Argen. Those two originally materialized during some of our biggest breakthrough years, serving as arguably the first truly defined "alternate" forms of the Pheyden and Buildman characters. When I think of Argen I always also think immediately of Ralph and the Gendrone Chronicles that we all worked on together. That was the first big project we ever collaborated on, and it helped cement the foundation of not only a number of key characters, but also some significant parts of the in-universe Glyos System history. We almost completed the second arc of that story, but ended up shifting focus before we wrapped it up. 

Michelle and I went into overdrive mode during the processing and packing of orders from the release, clocking in some serious hours to stay on track. Thanks to all of you, we had a heavy stack to make our way through, and we couldn't have been happier to do so. Spent a lot of time in the barn "listening to" the 1980s animated version of Testujin 28, which gets pretty wild in the later part of its run. How often do you get to see a giant robot fight Dracula, a giant robotic mummy, hordes of zombies and the Grim Reaper? It's worth a watch. 

As of this writing all orders have been processed, packed and dropped off at the post office, except for what came in over the weekend, which will hit the post later this morning.  

Speaking of early risers, make sure you check out Marty's latest wave over in his shop. If you're a fan of "web-head hunting" villains, then he's got the assortment for you. The double builds he created came out extra wicked, packing on the serious Mushi Muscle that only somebody we call the Godbeast could provide. We were also lucky enough to team up with Pat "Bio-Masters" Bussey on the tampo designs. 

Now speaking of Pat! The great Cappy and Pat connection continue their amazing collaboration with the rollout of their all-new subline, the Brynelords! Spawned from their combined love of creatures that lurk in the deep of the ocean, these wild super building character sets are finally ready to invade your shelves and bathtubs, especially for some perfect mash ups with the Bio-Mass Mutant, Bio-Mass Monster and Mischiever molds. They also happen to thematically line up pretty well with "The Ones Beyond" the Edge of Space that I've seen warping in and out of here over the last few months... 

A massive thank you once again for journeying with us to the far reaches of the Glyos System! We'll have some fun things coming in 2024, starting this February with Wave 100. 

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  1. Wishing the Doughtys and everyone in the Onell mothership a happy, safe, and healthy holiday.
    Looking forward to the big triple- digit!