Thank You!!!

A belated but gargantuan thank you for landing us on the other side of 100 waves! It was a particularly challenging round that enjoyed throwing a couple curveballs our way, so we really appreciate all the patience while we navigated through "The Delay Zone".
Our main goal for Wave 100 was to share a healthy combination of new parts, new art and new story elements, coordinated to hopefully deliver a compact capsule of fun. Of course, getting all the pieces to complete the puzzle always takes more time than you ever plan for, but that's fairly minor if the end result still makes you genuinely smile.
I wanted to once again give deep thanks to Dillon and Sen for the artwork that they created for Wave 100. There are many unseen layers of effort that are involved with any artistic endeavor, and I was extremely lucky to watch both artists develop their projects into some truly extraordinary final forms. Dillon and Sen, I couldn't be happier with what you each pulled straight from the Edge of Space!
All orders from the night of the sale to the posting of these words have been packed and sent out. Thanks to all of you, Michelle and I happily faced a larger than usual stack of orders, which in these strange times is something we are very grateful for. The only downside was that it took us a little longer to process, pack and tape. Michelle was also busting my chops because the specific names of the characters in this round were making her brain implode while she hammered through the processing. Some couples bicker about what's for dinner, others knock heads about the names of made-up aliens sounding too similar in a database, and then some do both.
The Mega Man 2 soundtrack pretty much kept me alive during the papering/taping time in the barn, along with a combination of certain songs from Twice and the Cocteau Twins. I think Mega Man 2 might have the best music from the whole series.
Our next wave is looking to emerge sometime in late April or early May. Also, make sure to check out the latest from Cappy Space (new stuff currently available) and Spaced Out Design (featuring a crossover connection to Wave 100 due tomorrow night).
Super special thanks to CC for the awesome image shown above! We spent an entire week together venturing out onto the frozen reservoir located way out behind our house, each day after school, shooting all the photos for Wave 100. It was a perfect passage of time that I'll be replaying in my mind forever.
Each time I draft a message to you guys after a new launch, I swear to myself that I'll keep it pretty brief as not to torture, but the text pile still manages to scale up! So, with that being said, please just know how much our family appreciates the continuous support that you have all generously shared for coming up on 17 years. Words don't really cut it for how we feel, but they'll have to do! So, with true feeling, thank you!   


  1. Sounds like a lovely place to have visited for photo ops, among other things.

    Always look forward to reading the "text pile" after every drop. And looking forward to Wave 101!

  2. Awesome drop! Never knew I'd fall in love with neon green but here we are. To 100 more drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Matt I for one always thoroughly enjoy the scrawl of text during the post drop Thank You entry here on the blog, so don't ever change that. 100 releases from a Mom & Pop toy company is an absolutely MASSIVE achievement. You guys have stuck around because you tapped into something that has resonated with all of us and I truly think the world of toys was made a better place by the inclusion of Glyos. Keep it up guys!

  4. Wow! 100 releases is monumental and I really enjoyed the comic that came with this wave of figures. Dillon Wheelock did such a great job on the artwork. I'm sure Ralph would have loved it too.