Thank You!!!

A belated but mega-sized thank you for a great Wave 101! Revisiting the Glyosar dimension is one of our favorite things to do, even if it doesn't occur all that often. Marcus and I tried our best to weave the brand-new Bit Figs Dreadvalken debut directly into the new release, as their stories are 100% connected all the way through. We look at Wave 101 as a direct sequel to the Bit Figs Dreadvalken assortment, which we further explored with the amazing sequential artwork ace, Dillon Wheelock, in the pages of the latest comic (thank you Dillon!).

The new round also revealed the previously secret Equisarren sculpt, which was originally created along with the finalized Kydrothi, Waellex and Intruder heads. The Equisarren release was held back specifically for Wave 101 and we really had a lot of fun solving the special crossover Centurion build with Marty's parts, which began late last year. We came very close to running two color styles of that pile of PVC, but ultimately decided to "reign" it into just one, though I'm pretty certain that build will ride once again. Welcome to Pun Hell.

Thank you to both Sen and Dillon for electrifying the rollout with their continued double dose of ever impressive talents. I'm grateful beyond words to be working with these two absolutely unique art masters. 

Michelle and I were joined by Marcus for the extended processing, packing and shipping that's been steadily chugging along over the last few weeks. As always, Michelle moved at an incredible pace, while we trailed along covered in cardboard cuts, gnarled newspaper and endless rolls of insolent tape.

Marcus was in charge of the barn tunes, which consisted of choice selections pulled from our infamous "Death List", which of course covers the final songs you'd want to hear on your last day on earth. Morose, but an interesting exercise that we've been discussing for the greater part of almost 2 decades. Lots of Little Dragon on that list.

A special thank you goes out to Jesse D for inviting us to his recent Toy Pizza Expo, which was his best event yet. An amazing meeting of makers and enthusiasts punctuated by a brand new and expansive location made for an extremely special day. Jesse worked like crazy behind the scenes all year to pull everything together, and the resulting expo really showcased the herculean efforts. Well done, Jesse!

The next wave is currently on target for our 17th anniversary in late July, with a few familiar faces set to return along with a little brand new action as well. Should hopefully be a fun mixture of old vibes and unexpected twists to enjoy under the summer sun.

Thank you for sticking with us through these strange times. We'll forever work as hard as we can to make it worth the time and dedication that you each continue to share with us.


  1. Hey I have a time share in "Pun Hell" so you aren't scaring me sir! Great wave and that Equisarren head sculpt is my favorite out of that group of 4. I always look at the "backwards face" on these sculpts and try to figure out wtf they are supposed to be, and that's part of the fun with them.

    Great wave all around and Toy Pizza Expo was great this year agree. Looking forward to seeing you all again at LegionsCon this November, as that's going to be a blast too.

  2. Loved the wave im a huge armorvor fan and highly enjoyed displaying all the different head configurations ….Thanks for everything y’all do !!!

  3. There goes Glyknight Perseus bragging about his flying horse again...

  4. That gorgeous Equisarren (if you remove wings) is spitting image of the Micronauts alien ‘Centaurus’; even the bow/weapon hand is perfect. More evidence that the Glyoverse has long shared a border with the Microverse!

  5. Amazing wave matt, truly something for everyone and I loved the option to buy a standalone intruder with the new Equis head.