Go! Figure and the RocketTubes

Our friends over at Go! Figure recently had a chat with us about the state of affairs here in the Glyos System. Big thanks to Ebonhorn for putting together some original questions and being someone who has truly supported us since we started this craziness. We also wanted to shine a light on Microbry's RocketTubes for his in depth review of Buildman Ranic. Thanks for the solid feedback Bry, it's greatly appreciated. One last note, the custom wave is super close, just have a few more guys to finish up....


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  2. "Hades" Pheyden, eh? Interesting.

    I remember you telling me the story behind Scar Pheyden back at NYCC. It's up to 14 now? Blazes. Then again, at the rate things seem to be going for O'Nell, the guy will probably look more like Phanost in another year or two...

    Keep up the good work, and keep livin' the dream, guys...

  3. awesome stuff Matt.. it was awesome seeing your custom scar pheyden in person. Really looking forward to the custom wave.. funny, I was going to ask to interview you myself for my new podcast...

  4. OH MY GOD.
    Matt leaked Sincroids. :D
    Good articles though.
    I'm really looking forwards to the custom wave

  5. Matt...I can't wait till see the stuff especially those customs...You can count on me

  6. Wow! That buildman ranic ATV vehicle is dope! Can't wait to buy some more buildman figures to construct with. And I love the look of Haydes Pheyden! You always keep me hungry for more with the creativity! Thanks Matt and Onell crew for the awsome toys!

  7. Keep up the awesome work matt,what your doing is showing all us you don't need a much to have fun and Have a dream.

    you keep making them so i can have more Chacters to use in my Stopmotion flims on youtube

  8. I would really like to see a release of the Hades Pheyden Scar head.

    Maybe a Warpzone Passcode 5 or 6 and have the blaster or two in there. ;0