The special Custom Corps section is open. I put together a few subsets in this crazy assortment. You may get a Lost Sincroid Soldier, any number of strange Govuroms or a super rare version of Phanost or Sarvos in a mysterious black bag. All the figures have a hand cast, hand painted head attached to a customized production PVC body. Let's see how this little experiment works out.


  1. Ordered mine! This should be fun.

  2. Awesome Dark Govorum and Clear Govorum...right when I thought I had enough figures, you guys gotta go do this! I'm a sucker for blind box. (Crossing my fingers for a sketch...)

    Is there a trade forum for Onell anywhere?

  3. Hey, you went with the limit idea. Also, is that a Phanost based on the old sci-fi series V? I can see the whole "reptile" look about him...

    By the way, I remember someone (I think it was "Deo") asking if you could post a picture of all the customs, once they're sold out. It'd just be cool to see all the different figures you've made in a little greater detail, and it might help with trades. No big deal if it's not going to happen, though.

    Anyway, here's hoping I can snag a (possibly standard) Govurom and a sweet Sarvos job -- although I won't complain if one of the LSA shows up...

  4. Man.. so many cool things, and I'm only allowed 2... (though that does end up saving me money, in the end! whew) I need Govurom and a lost Sincroid.. but really.. I don't think I'll complain about anything I get.. how many of these guys did you make total? are any completely one of a kind? so many questions about so much awesome.. I can't wait to see what I get!

  5. Soja: Unless the guys have something "official" in the works, I was planning on starting-up a forum for our small community. It might help in organizing trades, among other things.

    If there's any interest in this (and if someone's had experience with forums in the past), shoot a line to sarvonic.mind at gmail.com, and we'll see if we can get something going by the time all the customs ship out...

  6. Its Con here!

    Holy crap, I flipped out when I got back from dinner and saw this, jumped on it and ordered my two, I wish I could have ordered more! :O
    This is going to be amazing. I was freaking out ordering these.

    Jedi - Only 30 Custom Corps figures were made. All of them are one of a kind.
    Roy - I was thinking the same thing today...

  7. Oh wow that gray Govorum really makes me see the character in a whole new light. He looks absolutely menacing, and I love it!

    But I think the figure I'm really going to be hoping for is that purple Phanost. I love the haze-like color to those pieces...

  8. Hey guys, thanks for the instant input! Roy, Marcus has a forum for all of us to use that should be live by next Tuesday. Basic style forum design. I'm really looking forward to that. Nate, there are four subsets that have themed figures in them. The Lost Sincroid Army and Standard Govurom are two of them. There are also quite a few one of a kind figures. Glow, clear, secret glow, and reptilian skin (yes that's a V inspired colorway Roy!) are a few special attributes the figures may possess. There may also be some Takara styled colorways as well. In general I put my full effort in every single figure from this wave. I hope this can lead to all of us swapping customized figures in the future ( I know that some of you have already started making your own heads and parts, and I love it!)One last thing, I bumped the run up from 30 so everyone will have an even shake if they want these.
    Thanks again -Matt

  9. WOW, those pics look so awesome. I love that green headed Phanost. Roy I can totally see the V connection you mentioned. Too bad I can't get any.

    Matt you're making me cry.....

  10. Anyone else see that Govorum head in the upper left corner with the purple and black body? I think those are the super-glow parts that Matt was talking about. :)

  11. Wow, glad I managed to stop by at the right time and grab one. This is such a neat idea, and I can't wait to see what everyone finds.

  12. I got two I hope I ordered in time...I just got power back...Damn tornado trying to rob me of my specials

  13. Sorry, Matt, didn't mean to step on anyone's toes! Just to be sure, that account's been canceled; in hindsight, that last post probably should've been deleted before I did that...

    Back to topic: any idea when these will ship out?

  14. Hey Matt Great job getting these up! I only ordered 1 so there was enough for everyone! We have a thread for all Glyos stuff on our forum at Toy Break [dot] com if you feel the need to talk about anything while the forum made by Marcus here gets put up.

  15. No worries Roy! We have been way overdue getting that forum running. The figures will ship out starting this Monday. I have them finished and ready to go, hence the delay on everything else around the shop!

  16. The clear purple one is drop dead amazing and the paint job on the head of the red and green and black one is gorgeous

  17. Thanks George! I checked your forum out and was very surprised! I saw a few of our friends in there. You guys always run an amazing ship. I really enjoyed the resin episode, some ambitious stuff coming out these days.

  18. Order placed! Can't wait to see what arrives...

    Shocked about the Sincroid guys. Knew they would come eventually, but the execution looks excellent.

  19. Very nice! The clear and white one at the bottom left reminds me of the special "Early Type" Beta Midget toy that came out years back: http://microforever.com/betamidget/bmidgetbox.htm

  20. Star collapsing NOVA bombs!!

    Man, Onell does it again, but thank goodness this time
    the figures are available
    for everyone with a computer.
    << All those convention-only
    custom figures drive me CRAZY
    as I sit way over here in Georgia
    nowhere near an Onell booth >>

    Matt, these are looking amazing
    and and the chance of getting
    extra parts and sketch cards
    sweeten the deal even more.

  21. I'm really excited to get mine. :) This week can't go any faster than possible.

  22. I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the great response on this experiment. We sold through the initial figures sometime last night, so we left the offer open longer than usual because the orders continued to filter in. I want to make sure everybody gets a chance if they want one, so I started work on an additional batch of figures. The final run on these things will be slightly higher than anticipated as a result. I truly don't want to leave anybody out, so the Custom Corps section will stay active until midnight tomorrow (Sunday). Hopefully by then all bases will be covered. Thanks again guys, I've really had fun on this one. -Matt

  23. Matt, that is truly awesome of you. I just hope all this hard work hasn't taken it out of ya. Maybe next run, you could get some guest artists to do the dirty work, eh?

    Either way, I don't think it's fair to call it an "experiment" anymore -- I'd be willing to wager it was a "complete success." Here's hoping, right?

  24. Sounds great Matt! It's nice of you to keep the custom corp section open so that everyone gets a chance at these awesome figures (even though I bought two as soon as I got home yesterday evening). :) I was wondering if you are going to make duplicates of the custom corp figures you already had made, or some different "one of a kind" figures? Will the orders still go out on Monday? Can't wait to get my mystery figures! The blind bag method has me constantly wondering what's coming!

  25. Matt,
    It's such a breath of fresh
    air to see the extra effort
    you're taking to increase the
    chances for Glyos fans to
    experience this custom run.
    You could have said, "I made
    a limited number of figures
    and when they're sold that's
    tough for anyone who showed
    up late," but instead you
    extend the buying time and
    will make more figures for
    those who otherwise would
    have missed out.

    Big Big Thanks to you, sir.
    ** fist pumping in the air for Onell **
    O-nell! O-nell! O-nell! O-nell!

  26. The guest artist custom series sounds like a great idea.

  27. Matt, you are a one of a kind guy. I am happy for you that everything sold out so fast. It's a testament to your toys and the quality and care with which they are made.

    I know that keeping the custom corp window open longer is making extra work for you and I hope that it is financially successful for you as well.

    If there is one thing I want it is for you to be able to make a living on this stuff and therefore stay in business feeding me and my kids with excellent quality toys at a great value for the price.

    Long Live Emperor Phanost!!! Tyrant ruler of the Glyos System (at least in my dimension he is)

  28. I'm going out tomorrow to buy two baseball holder cases so I can protect and display my two when I get them. :)