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A few more to go...


  1. when! the wait is killing me!

  2. I'm just going to toss this out there: Phanost and Sarvos share a similar "base" design for the head, and Govurom is a heavily modified Pheyden head, right? I've been noticing a few similarities as of late, and was wondering if that might be the reason...

    Also: is there any reason for the mix of colors? I'm not familiar with the casting process, so if you could shed some light on that, it'd be appreciated.

  3. Maybe I'm just impatient but I REALLY want to see some Renegade Sincroid heads. I may have to make one myself out of a Pheyden if they're not getting produced again. what do you say Matt?

  4. Hmmm...any idea how these are going to be offered? If all of the heads are offered in different colors, than that opens up some discussion of which one a purchaser will get. Randomly filled?

  5. I'm ready to buy individual parts . . . especially Buildman parts. Any chance of a parts catalog section of the site?

  6. Hey guys, here is how it's coming together. There will be around 30 figures in this custom assortment. Every figure will have a hand cast head that I made from the molds at the shop. Within the assortment there are micro groups of figures that are similar, like Standard Govurom and the clear orange Govurom. The majority of the assortment will be one of a kind versions of Sarvos, Govurom and Phanost. The styles vary, but a few have super glowing parts, clear parts and colors I will never run in China. I have personally put every figure together and also hand painted them. The idea is to offer them "blind bagged" in an all black bag with a special numbered insert. Some bags will include a random original sketch as well(by Jesse or I). I figured doing it like this gives everyone an even chance at the figures. Once I seal the bags I will mix them up and pull them randomly when packing an order. The price will be $20 USD for each unique figure. I'm wrapping up the final figures tonight and tomorrow. I hope this sounds good to you guys. Let me know what you think of this method. Thanks -Matt

  7. You know, I would buy unpainted heads like that.

    I may toss in for a blind bag figure if I can time it right.

  8. Hey Matt, sounds like it could work out rather well. I only wonder if it'd be possible that, if you do another run of customs, the visitors to the blog could give a little input. Maybe like a poll on the site, or (if you like headaches) just ask to send along an e-mail, in regards to what could go into the next run.

    For example, what Glyos characters would people like to see? Maybe based on the answers, you could cast more of a certain head or two. How about suggestions for color schemes, so long as they're not too complex? See what comes up, and maybe test and see what kind of palette you produce. Nothing major, but just a little something that might get people a little more involved or something.

    It's just a thought. I know you do a lot for the fans as it is; this might be even asking a little too much. But it might not hurt in bringing the community together a little bit, and hey -- all else fails, you can always just go with what you feel works best, right?

  9. Thanks for the feedback Roy, I really appreciate it. So let's give it a whirl. What are the the things you guys are looking forward to in this custom wave? So far I have a batch of Standard Govurom (as he appears with the solid orange head) and a few Sarvos in the same colorway. I also have a series of the all clear multi-toned orange Sarvos and Govurom figures. After that there are different Govuroms, Phanosts and Sarvos(Sarvi?) in clear colorless, glow, green, neon yellow, black.....Don't want to give away all the surprises. There are also some heads that may have appeared in other places that were super limited. I value the community that is building here at the highest level, and I want all of you guys to be happy with the direction we are going. That being said, I still want the element of surprise to stay healthy and strong. That may mean that sometimes not everything is right on the surface. Let's hear what the ideal customs would be for you guys.
    By the way Ed, if you really want some unpainted stuff I would be happy to hook you up. That goes for everyone. Thanks again -Matt

  10. I'll try to keep it organized, just to make it easier to read.

    Figure Type?: Of the ones currently in production? Sarvos or Phanost, with the 'bot ranking just a little higher. Beyond that, maybe some "generic" Sincroid or alien would be cool to see...

    Colors?: Maybe it's all the Mega Man as a kid, but yellows and blues (with some neutrals thrown-in) always struck a chord with me. Really, anything dichromatic with white, black, or some kind of gray thrown into the mix would be cool to see.

    So, apparently my suggestion boils down to overt '80s video game throwbacks. Which I guess means, hey, if "Airman Sarvos" showed-up next time around, I wouldn't complain...

  11. As far as colorways I would love to see more black/white/gray/silver combos but you always seem to do some figures that way anyhow. I really love the colors used on standard Exellis and Sarvos and would love to see some other characters in them! In this particular custom set I am looking forward to anything Govurom! Are we guaranteed at least one Govurom head? I would love some more Phanost and Sarvos heads, but I really need to get Govurom for my collection. Please! I also love the glow and clear-color parts in the orange and green especially. But I do love the surprises you guys cook up so no complaints!

  12. I like the idea of these custom figures a lot. Although the price point seems a little high, I think that it's worth it. But the blind-box method seems to be a bit odd at a higher price to me. Going off of my experience with Gashapon, you kind of end up buying quite a lot of them because of the cheaper price point, which doesn't work here. Now I know that this doesn't work since you're practically hand crafting these yourself Matt, but what about possibly doing this with Crayboths later on?

    As for what kind of figure I'm personally looking for, the Sarvos and Phanost designs are by far my favorite right now. I would love to see more of them. For colors, the idea of super-glowing parts sounds great, since I recently bought a ton of Crayboths myself off of my friend's credit card (And by the way, thanks for the extra Crayboths Matt! I have one in my pocket almost constantly now. :D )

  13. QUOTED: What are the the things you guys are looking forward to in this custom wave?

    Anything really, although Govurom is a big factor. The main draw of this project for me, as well as the previous Sucklord and Banimon customs, is the amount of work and care that goes into crafting the custom heads and hand-painting the heads/figures.
    The Dead Presidents versions, although those were not offered for sale, were also impressive in a similar manner.

    There are also some heads that may have appeared in other places that were super limited. That being said, I still want the element of surprise to stay healthy and strong.

    Surprise is a good thing. Again, having personally spent a stupid number of hours trying to customize figures, the amount of work that goes into just one figure is ridiculous - so
    I don't think $20 is a bad price point for a unique version of a Glyos figure.

  14. Blind package is a great idea. But do you consider limiting the number of set one buyer can get to just 1 set ? I think it will be fair as this can't be considered to be in the regular collection and are more like bonus figures.

  15. Oh yeah by the way I love the fact that there is a chance to get an "original sketch" by you [Matt] or by Jessie! Cool bonus! And yes this black bag method sounds cool (always a little extra excitement when you don't know exactly what you're getting).

  16. Sorry, Matt! I thought you were asking about future custom waves for some reason...

    For this wave: To go along with Sylvain, I think a limit might be a good thing -- that way, everyone has a shot at picking up a custom figure right away. If there's still some stock left over afterward, then maybe the limit could be increased, so everyone has another shot. For instance, say everyone only can get one figure the first time -- after a week, if there are any left, people can pick-up a second figure, and so on, until the stock's run out. I don't know how many customers all y'all regularly run, so you'd probably be the best judge for what the limit could be set to...

    The "blind bag" method also, I think, gives us another opportunity. Say I snag a "super-glowy" Phanost custom that Michael really wanted, and he gets a custom-color Sarvos that I would really dig -- well, why not trade? Seriously, if we could get some kind of trading system going in the community, not only could we keep up the "surprise" factor of the blind-bag system, but it'd be a "safety net" in case we, individually, didn't like the results. It might take a bit of work setting-up a forum or site to organize it, but it might not be a bad idea. And not just for this wave, either; it could also work out for out-of-production colorways and "DIY" customs, too.

    Anyway, I have, like, four replies in this thread as-is, so I'll hush-up now. (Though, for the record: it would be this side of awesome if those suggestions I had somehow showed-up in the next run...)

  17. ok... I'm really looking forward to this.. I think the blind bagging is really cool, but I really want Govurom since he's a character I have no version of yet. I'm a fan of glows, greens and most clears.. though there is something to be said about some nice classic comic-style primary colors (for example, any figure in a red/blue/yellow color mix would just knock me out, or the classic villain green/purple)

    so.. these will be up wednesday? in the warpzone/passcode or regular store?

  18. I'll throw my two cents in. I would love get a Govurom figure but I get this stuff for my kids (and me) to play with and $20 is a little too pricey for one figure even with an original art card. But I realize that with the work and time you put into the customs $20 is probably pretty cheap so I would not mess with the price.

    I do love the black bag idea and also the card art extras. Jesse does some really cool art and would love to see some of his pics up for purchase as stand alone items

    As for future waves of customs or even regulars, I would love to see some more Mech inspired characters. Maybe an Acroyer (I or II) style head.....Also how about designing some PVC wing/jet/back packs to go with the new ports on the back?!?!?

    The stuff looks killer and I am sure will sell out in a matter of minutes once folks know its out there. Keep up the great work!

  19. Matt its Con.

    See, I saved up 2 weeks worth of pay because I knew these were going to be 20$ each, now the thing is.

    If some one puts in for the blind bagged. I love the idea, its brilliant. Say like, I put in for the blind bagged, 40USD. I don't want to get two Sarvos and no Govurom! I would be so mad! I mean, I'm sure I would love the customs, and they would go perfect with my collection, but I really want to get with Govurom too. Aside from the fact that My collection is mostly Sarvos.
    The art card insert is also amazing, if you could hand sign the cards that you did, those would be great.

    What about taking a picture of all the cards, and then a picture of all of the figures. So then when they are ALL sold out, and when people should be receiving them, you can post it up and people can tell what ones they got!

    Matt, I love the way you are running your company. This is such a brilliant, brilliant idea.

    The only problem is I'm working tomorrow. Guess I'm "borrowing" mom's credit card and buying them at work! I'll give her the money in the morning though.

  20. Cool idea on the blind box thing, I'm gonna have to scrape together $20 soon & order at least 1 & hope I get something cool (maybe Govurom as I don't have 1 of him yet). Some ideal customs, totally gotta do one or two up in Air Raiders/Tyrants of the Wind colors. Also, Autobot & Decepticon colors would be sick too (Autobots= lots of earth tones; red, blue, brown & Decepticons= dark blues & purples).

    Oh, I made something with that compound, I'll send you some pics of what I've done so far. Also made another cool head & figured out a trick to pull out more detail with Sculpey. bwahahaha >:-)

  21. I was hoping to see some sort of sentai/ power ranger motif with the sarvos. they look perfect for that.

  22. Autobot & Decepticon color style figures is a great idea. I would love to see Manta Force color scheme too.

  23. If matt's making it I'm buying it, that's pretty much that. For the custom wave I think doing them blind is a real cool idea so no one person can scoop up all the dark colored ones or neon ones or clear ones.

    Maybe we can start a comment string after we start getting these in the mail about possible trades if anyone ends up with doubles.

  24. Hopefully soon, I'm going crazy.