Mr. Gittleman Comes to Town

All photos by David Gittleman

Recently we had a visit from our friend and photographing genius, David Gittleman. Dave is the man behind all the amazing pics you see adorning the packages of the toys produced by McFarlane Toys. He is their main man for visual data and does work on prototype development and product quality control as well.

One of Dave's passions is learning about how things operate. Whether it's an iPod, a camera or a business, he has a true interest in what makes something work.

Combing his razor sharp skill behind the lens with his analytical mindset, Dave has been working on an original project for the last year. This fresh endeavor is an account, both visually and through the written word (and even some video), about how independent artists do their daily business and stay alive.

Dave has been up to the house a total of 2 times now, and we have loved having him visit. This guy really knows his craft, and puts his left handed wits to work around the clock. We are lucky to be involved in his mission to record the crazies at work, and we're really looking forward to visit #3!


  1. Thank you Matt, Marc, and Jesse! You guys have an amazing thing going! But the people reading already know that! I will be back!

  2. Wow, like pics right out of memory! Astounding!
    UUUUAAARRRR - the creepy Doughty Psycho Villa! :D

  3. WHat is that head-sculpt Matt is working on in the photos? Looks kinda like Zombie-Pheyden, but not...very intriguing!

  4. That head sculpt is also rather big! A new head for a Realxhead vinyl perhaps?