Renegades Wrangled

Man, whose idea was it to paint so many Gobons anyway? I know, it was the same fool who thought that he could do it in only a month. Yeah, that would be the bearded fool writing this.

First off, I wanted to say thank you so much for the incredible next level patience that everyone who ordered one of these has shown over the past 3 weeks. Now I can finally say that the Renegades are officially wrapped up!

My apologies that it took me extra time to complete all the customs, but I wanted them all to receive full attention to detail. I kept getting inspired to push the limits and I had to follow the feeling. I think these are some of the most realized customs yet because of it. Just the size of these big boys tacks on some extra labor as well! I can safely say that this went beyond the last CC release as far as intense paint applications. Some dye action made it into the mix, but the majority of the figures just have a ton of paint applied. We are packing up everything tonight and shipping begins tomorrow. I hope you guys like these beefballs, they are surprisingly heavy!

On another note that kind of took us by surprise, we have a new run of Pheyaos ready to go! Due to the EMS craziness that has been going on, Mori wanted to get something over to us before the new restrictions went into effect. Since our next Pheyden wasn't quite ready in time, Mori put together a very cool mini run of Pheyaos in record time! The thing that is completely wild about this edition is that Goto-san applied a DIFFERENT paint application to every single figure! Even though at first glance they all look somewhat similar, each has its own thing going on. Out of nowhere and super unique! Once again Mori proves he is the true Sensei of the toy world.

The new Pheyaos will go on sale Friday, November 26th at 8PM EST (Black Metallic Friday). They will run $35 each and are limited to one per customer. There will also be a little surprise going up that was inspired by all the awesome work Mori has been doing all over the place right now.

Last but not least, we will be resuming The Gendrone Chronicles, with new pages going up later tonight. Looking for some explanations behind some of those weird Renegades customs? Then get ready as we continue to deliver the answers wrapped up in Ralph's amazing artwork!

I think I may have inhaled a bit too many paint fumes, I'm starting to sound more insane than usual. Anyway, thanks again guys!


  1. Those look fantastic. With the crazy amount of love it looks like you put into each one, any wait time would be worth it!

  2. Mori & Goto-San have done some amazing work, but I eagerly await my Renegades CC

  3. Renegobons assemble! Well worth the wait, and they'll still be here in time for Christmas. Bravo everyone, well done!

  4. There is one with a sleeve.

    Man, now I wish I'd ordered two somehow. And the skinnys and the marbled one look fantastic. Well done, my friend. You've outdone yourself.

  5. More like Black Magic Friday (Badum-tish)!

    And Matt, if you see a tiny, shadowy man outside you're home, it's completely not me trying to intercept the entire Renegade wave.

    Totally not.

  6. Man they all look so awesome! Your attention to detail is a little frightening but so amazing HAHA.