Alpha VS Beta

As we get rolling into this week I wanted to play around just a little more in the world that Mel built. With the concept drawings being very slim on any kind of background stories for the weirdo designs, a more realized interpretation of what one of the characters might look like in an environment seemed in order.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this exploration into the OSM side of things. Even my daughter Cady got into the act! She was very excited when I told her we would post up her drawing of old Astro Nautilus. That incredible design grabbed the attention of her 6 year old imagination and out came what you see above. These two illustrations are dedicated to Mel and the Four Horsemen for all the heart they continue to sink into the OSM toy line. The new figures can't arrive soon enough!*

*That being said, some new recruits have arrived in the Glyos System recently... be ready near the end of the month.


  1. Love the art! Cady's drawing is fantastic as well. My five year old daughter is big time into drawing dinosaurs right now, and it is crazy to see the creativity she puts in her drawings. Speaking of art, when will we see new pages by Ralph in the Gendrone Chronicles?

  2. Thanks Pete! Cady will be psyched to read your feedback! Our kids sound similar in their interests, Cady loves dinosaurs as well. She got into those Xtractaurs dinos that came out last year and plays with them all the time.
    She's asked me to make her a dino themed Glyos head, but I think the one Evil Earwig (Dom) made is the best dino styled one around. Maybe I'll hit him up to make a Tyranno version for us.
    You read me Dominic! Ha!

  3. That is truly an awesome drawing. Keep at it, Cady!

    Also, the illustration you provided, Matt, is one of those truly vivid pieces that tells a story without a single word. Really top notch all around!