RealXHead X Tarantulas X Onell Triple Attack Release

We have been waiting a while to roll out this triple collaboration!

Blending the DNA of three characters (Chaos, The Nibbler and Pheyden) into two crazy configurations, Armored Pheyaos and The Nibbler Reality Biter will be available tomorrow night, May 26th at 9PM EST.

Armored Pheyaos will be $40 USD and old Chompy (The Nibbler) will be $35 USD. Please limit one of each item per customer order.

Both figures are small edition runs produced by RealXHead Japan and feature a unique double paint wipe technique applied by the legendary Goto-san. All the parts can also be swapped between the figures- with a particularly funny "bridge" piece specifically used for the heads.

Be on the lookout for a possible surprise tomorrow night as well...

Massive thanks go out to Mori sensei, Mr. Chris and Don "Riplock" Kratzer for pulling all of this together with us. Also special thanks to GI Ralph in advance for what he has cooking for this mash up!


  1. I want... but I can't.. I just can't do the vinyl like I'd like to.. I love the armored pheyaos though

  2. Another drop at an unfriendly time to European fans . . . . . oh well. +sigh+

  3. All yours, guys. I dunno, vinyl doesn't do it for me. I'll stick to Matt's regular stuff.

  4. WooHoo! Looking forward to trying
    to pick these up :D :D :D