May has been a beast! Between getting set for our upcoming drop and some mold tweaking over at the factory, the days and nights have been a blurred line, but the results are looking pretty good. Mostly because of my ever present OCD, the May launch has been bumped to the beginning of June, so that everything is in top shape for you guys.

To lead up to the release, we have some all new RXH crossover action happening this coming week with not one, but two figures making their mini assault on the blog (and possibly a third mystery RXH bred creation marching in as well).

Thanks for sticking with us during the quiet spell over the last few weeks. I personally hope that when you guys get the new stuff we have been hammering away on in your actual hands, that the wait will have been worth it.


  1. What quiet spell? I'm just coming to terms with the build possibilities of the Axis joints! ;)

  2. matt... if we've learned anything, it's that it is ALWAYS worth the wait. hell.. I still haven't gotten to some of the builds I've wanted to do from the last 2 drops... luckily, I was able to build a couple of guys quickly for my last trip.

    I really hope you can give yourself a moment of rest too! don't kill yourself, seriously.. enjoy the fruits of your labors... heaven knows we all do

  3. since your latest collaboration with TheGodBeast Customs the wait is a welcome one to my pocket book. and anyone who has been around for a while knows its always well worth the wait. Looks like some fun stuff is on it's way!

  4. are we going to see more glyos comic action ralph with this wave btw? I think somewhere was mentioned some BAW panels being inked that we haven't see yet?

  5. Whoa whoa whoa whoa- You showed us a teaser image of the Block back in MAY?? I don't even remember this, you sir are one sneaky S.O.B. LoL.