Mel Birnkrant's New OSM Designs

The original father of all things Outer Space Men has revealed a whole new round of alternate head designs for Inferno, Xodiac and Astro Nautilus. It's a fan's dream to see Mel expanding such an awesome and all time classic toy line. I'm particularly crazy about his Xodiac variant with the tentacle beard and of course the Lovecraftian Cthulhu Nautilus. Thank you Mel for continuing to inspire the hell out of us!


  1. I like the tentacle laced through the holes in the staff tip. That's a nice touch.

  2. great stuff
    can only hope we get to see it
    H. P. would be proud

  3. Looks good with the tentacles, and though I do love my Dark Lord, Cthulhu, I think I like the Octo Nautilus the best.

  4. I freaking love Mel's creations. If I won a million dollars in the lottery, I'd send a bunch of money to him just so he could make some of these toys. I'm really digging the coloration on that Saturn mutant guy, just amazing.