Predecessors: A Fish Tale

This old story about an unlucky (and then lucky) space pilot was one of the larger sized comics I made back in the 7th grade era. "Pilot" worked as a Space Delivery Man for the Space Federation (judging by the ridiculous writing on his chest), and managed to get blasted within the first four panels of the strip! Lucky for him, the ship he was "piloting" had a small escape pod.

The funniest thing to me about this demented yarn is the part where Pilot is fishing on what looks like a regular old 1980's style boat (our old boat to be precise) -with all his space gear on. Because everyone knows that after getting into a galactic missile battle all any true astronaut wants to do is cast a line and forget his worries.

Oh yeah, and he was delivering mini-Bonkers.

Thanks for checking out these first three looks at my old junk. Jesse and I head overseas in about 12 hours, but when we return I'll dig up some more stuff from my youth if you guys still dig it.

Business will operate as usual over here as Michelle and Marcus have the bridge! Keep your eyes peeled next week for some sneak peeks from the factory and workshop! New stuff is cooking!

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  1. Wonderful! Have a safe trip overseas brotha!