The Tarantulas unleashes a truly menacing assortment of Nibblers TONIGHT! 

From the Tarantulas blog:

From a dingy arcane workshop in the depths of Fishtank Castle they came - Mechanibblers - unstoppable metallic munching machines with a singular will - that of the Nibbler himself !!'
Fishtank Castle SHOULD* open for business Friday night 30th Sept at 12pm Midnight UK time ( 7pm East Coast ).. The store has been updated with the new stuff at 'coming soon' status..

My thanks to Don & Mori for their skill & attention to detail in getting the Mechanibblers just right, to Ali at Morpheus for playing along with my crazy projects and above all to Matt without whose inspiration ol' Chompy would never have existed ( at least not in this dimension )..

Pls note the Fishtank Castle playsets are a Pre-Order open for one day only - pls allow 60 days for delivery. Pls also note the classic deco 'Action Nibblers' will be limited to one per customer - the Mechanibblers are unlimited.

See you on Nibbler Night !!

*I say should - because if my girlfriend goes into labour today or tomorrow ( a distinct possibility - we are overdue now ) I will postpone the release until some time next week.. Twitter will be the best channel to keep tabs..

Congratulations to our brother in the UK on his biggest Nibbler release to date! What a round, Chris!


  1. Really appreciate the support Matt - glad to see you got your Mecha - don't let any of the guys steal it !!