The unstoppable work machine known as Phil Reed has struck again! Now he has gone and run the risk of low readership over at his Battlegrip.com site by dedicating an entire week to our weirdo stuff. Thankfully, he has managed to make what we do look half interesting by adding his own special creative spice to each entry he has posted this week.

My favorite has to be the Choose Your Own Adventure post. Phil has mixed some very clever Transformers homages into a fun throwback story that features his own take on a few familiar faces.

As usual, Mr. Reed brings his sharp perspective and trademark honesty to everything he does, his Glyos Week being no exception. Thanks a million Phil, you are way, way to good to us.

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  1. Thanks, Matt! Man, you really know how to take me screwing around and turn it into something terrifying. I don't think I ever want to remember that breakfast; I still hurt.