We have processed the bulk of the orders from the recent drop and will start the shipping process tomorrow morning! All the outstanding RXH Hades orders went out earlier today except for a few foreign boxes. Sorry for the delay on those, but the scarves were a killer!

Thanks again to everyone who checked out stuff from the new wave, we'll crank overtime to get this plastic out of here ASAP.


  1. I was really stupid to not pick one of these up.I live in shame!

  2. I was there during scarf production and let me just say...they are KILLER!!! I should have let MJ buy one when we were there...who am I kiddin'...I should have bought one when I was there.

    The shear amount of work Matt put into those scarves was ridiculous...not to mention the material is out of this world KEWL!

    Congrats to all that scored these...the wait will be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay worth it.


  3. Mine's on the way !!! SO happy he will be in my Glyos cabinet soon :P

    PLUS our new orders out as soon as tomorrow... Matt, youse guys are too good to us. We get kool stuff and you get the work.

    And I agree with TGB, worth it all the way.

  4. I may not have much interest in buying RxH stuff, but damn do I love those "army" shots :3