Rig Killer

Argen evolves into his most powerful configuration yet... the Rig Killer formation!

This build is comprised of one Buildman, one Phaseon and two sets of Axis Joints with every piece used. There is an alternate build with the left Triple Cannon broken down into a set of back engines and a single blaster. I've been having this version of Argen and his Phaseon Revolutionaries battle the Big Rig and the new Glyans for the last week.

The color selection on Argen for this round pays homage to the 1977 Lesney Matchbox line called Adventure 2000. The old metallic green used on those futuristic cars still kicks ass to this day. Topped off with the orange/yellowish tinted windows, Adventure 2000 stood out as an incredibly unique and exciting range for the Matchbox line.


  1. Is there an explanation coming for the new symbol?

    I still feel sorry for all those Gendrones that were left behind when Argen decided to go soaring through the cosmos.

  2. All kinds of cool, Matt. I'm guessing this guy causes the White Skulls some serious grief, eh?

    And why is Argen fighting the Glyaxian forces? Isn't his beef with Metran and the other worlds that enslaved his kind? Unless there's something else going on behind the scenes...

  3. Sounds like we need another story in some type of format. I'm dying to hear the rest of it also!

  4. I just spent 20 minutes figuring out how that backpack fits together (slow). Looking forward to pics of your alternate build.

  5. "Never trust the Glyans..."

    @R. Whitford: I think Argen is angry and confused. He started off so simple, but all these upgrades are making him more and more menacing. I don't think he's a bad guy. I think he's just angry.

    @ Starscream: I always pictured the Gendrone Revolution tampo symbol as a mechanical claw, raised high as a sign of revolution. As for the other Buildmen, maybe Argen sees them as his "people," and sees the Phaseons as his "army." He doesn't want his people in combat, but he's willing to "use" the Phaseons as grunts.

    But this is just speculation, of course.

  6. I remember those Adventure 2000 sets. Didn't they come with an assortment of Mega City Judges and Cursed Earth Mutants, because they were based on the 2000 AD Judge Dredd comics?

    Rig Killer is a blast! Very reminiscent of an 80s video game sprite. Things like JOURNEY TO SILIUS and SOLAR WARRIOR.

  7. "Range?" I didn't know you were British, Matt!