NYCC 2011

We are set up at NYCC Booth #578! The scenario is a little different this year as we have merged our booth with Sidekick Media (booth #576- thanks Tom) for some extra space for all our friends who will be at the table throughout the show.

A small batch of preview figures from next week's launch will be available from us, but the truly cool stuff will come from the visiting artists who will be offering all kinds of new work that is collectively glorious to behold! The Godbeast, The Sucklord, Uamou, NistuffHealey Made, Peter Kato, Lamour Supreme, Bah'glenn Creations, Steve Jackson Games, Spaced Out Design, Eat Your Children, and Kranix are just a few of the artists that will be rolling out fresh toys to check out.

We are really psyched to once again get the chance to talk to some of you in person! Hope to see you guys over the next few days!


  1. See you tomorrow, Matt! I can't wait to finally meet you :D

  2. Thanks so much for letting me, and really all of us, set-up at the booth again this year! The Con was a blast, the aftermath crazy, and gods knows what incriminating photos now exist for so many of us.

    Speaking of, when're we gonna see some pics, my friend?