Banimon Figures Tonight!

Jesse and I have returned from our recent trip overseas just in time for the new Banimon figure release, which is happening over at the Banimon Shop tonight, September 27th at 9PM EDT.

Boris has a very unique style, and his new figures capture that magic and at the same time possess some interesting new building components to add to the growing parts list. Perfect for pocket travels and army building, these new soldiers pack a lot into a small package.

While you are poking around the Banimon site, make sure to check out some of the animations that Boris has done over the years, as well as spend some time watching (and playing) a little Banimon TV.  This guy is a serious talent, with an extremely refreshing approach to design and storytelling. I'm really happy to see Boris share yet another creation with the world.

Congratulations B! Good luck tonight!


  1. Thanks for the blog post, this one snuck right up on me! I'll be here at 9. :)

  2. Glad you guys are back safe and sound. We picked up our figures, can't wait to get them in hand. Also can't wait to see some more pics from the trip and some previews of the October drop.

  3. Banigoth is especially sweet...looking forward to more of this...are they really 1" or more like 2"?

  4. I can't wait to have these in my handz b4 my sonz!!!

    Boris, udaman!!!