Weaponeers of Monkaa Unleashed

Spy Monkey Creations unleashes their brand new Weaponeers of Monkaa figure range today, October 1st, at 12 noon PDT (3 EDT) in their online STORE!

These figures bring a fresh dimension to the table, with a larger and more mechanical design principle. Builds get real big, real quick!
When combined with their previously released Armory Sets, the customizing options absolutely explode! I've been carrying Palidar around with me for a bit, and he remains completely awesome after quite some time in the spotlight. Hades has had a number of battles with Brutok, usually having to call in reinforcements to challenge the big green behemoth.

I know I've said it before, but Jeremy, Brian and Bill have created something very special with the Weaponeers line. Get ready to truly have a blast once you get your hands on this first wave.

Seeing the recent Banimon drop and this new Weaponeers release reminds me that the old dream of different toy lines sharing the fit function is slowly becoming a reality. Mixing up the parts across each series seems like dream, with no limits or legalities holding things back. Just a simple little shared mechanic that allows for you to make whatever you feel like playing with. Pure creative freedom on a very basic level.

I'm excited to see where this goes next.


  1. I completely agree, this things look so amazing and harken back to so many different properties. I love the chunkiness of these.

  2. I really dig these designs, but I think I'm honsetly more excited to see what kinds of cool, beefy builds that people come up with, using WoM as the base.
    Super cool stuff!

  3. Right on bro! These figures have endless possibilities...especially when you add Spy Monkey armory sets, Glyos, and Callgrim to the mix!!!

    Can't wait to see what the Spy Monkey crew and you have built up w/ these!

    My boyz absolutely LOVE their Weaponeers of Monkaa figures!!!


  4. These were an immediate hit with myself and my kids. My son especially.
    And the library continues to grow. What an amazing vision you have Matt!
    Thank YOU as well as the guys from SMC. They're a great bunch of fun guys. I loved meeting them in person at Power Con.
    Ah... And what is on the horizon indeeeeeeed. :)