Happy Easter!

We've been busy taking all the feedback in from the last post to put together a special order that will hopefully make everybody happy!

After review,  the PVC choice is Clear Colorless. Standard Pheyden with detail lines and swapped parts (but no Reverse Pheyden for now) will also go into full production, and if things work out well, other characters in their "Standard" colors will follow.

The tentative release date for our next wave, which is wrapping up final production, is looking to land in late April. Sneak peeks will begin this week.

Outside of getting things in order here at Onell for the rest of 2013, we've also been working on multiple projects with our partner companies that should surface throughout this year. Each project has been a lot of fun, and should result in more independently produced stuff to play with!

Thanks again for all the thorough and insightful comments regarding the new Buildstation proposal. Your individual emails, calls and communications in general have been beyond helpful, and mean more than words can convey.

We love you guys!


  1. Those are some of the scariest Easter Eggs I've seen -- and I've seen a few in my day.
    Hope the hunts went well!

  2. I like that deviled egg the best. ;-D

  3. very excited for the pvc in clear :) Which figures in clear would be made available in the shop?

  4. Happy Easter to everybody at Onell Design, Matt! Glad to hear we're gonna be getting regular stock of figures in too.

  5. I can vouch that Clear is definitely a favourite of mine from my very first Phaseon (now a Hi-Phaseon) being Clear. If this means I can make my original into a Master Phaseon, I'm all for it! Though I do find the clear and white parts to get yellowed and off-colour after a while. Is there a special way to clean them up?

    Looking forward to having a Standard Pheyden to go with my Pheyden-Coloured Beanbot and Bio Pheyden, and also hoping for some neat decos of Glyans or Gobons in this month's release! (Phaseons are awesome, but I need to get some variety in my collection.)

  6. I, for one, am ecstatic that standard Pheyden makes a return. I have several founders, but want a "clean and softer" Pheyden. My thumbs are rejoicing. And I'm very happy to hear a late April release. March has been brutal with bills. Look forward to what's to come!

  7. Did the Easter Bunny bring me an egg-headed lil production Noboto?

  8. Lets hope he brought both the Delphi and Noboto.