Here's a really odd one from the lost files -a scratch built, wire frame Biotron with magnets imbedded in its limbs.

This guy was to be included in Microshow II, but was never finished and has been buried in a toy pile since 2004. I had wanted to create attachments that would utilize the larger magnets for connection points but other projects knocked this one aside.

The idea of having a super bendy version of this Micronauts character is still appealing to me. Maybe one day Takara or Hasbro will make one a reality, but for now I have this junky bot to play around with.

Looking at this Biotron now, I'm reminded a little of the Easter Island Moai statues.

Man, I didn't even give the poor thing its claws!


  1. That's pretty neat. I've really been enjoying these posts, even though I was never into Micronauts as a kid, just didn't have any. I remember that the Woolworth department store in our town had an awesome toy department in the late 70's and they had a really neat Micronauts display in a glass case. I wanted some for Christmas, but think I got Mego Super Heroes instead. A friend of mine in the neighborhood also had a ton of them, but never wanted to play with them...he hated them! I could never figure that out, I wanted some so bad.

    Any chance we'll see a Micronaut inspired theme?

    Thanks again for sharing all this cool stuff that you've got floating around!

  2. Man... I missed this one from the files. That is complete madness. I want to see it come to life!

  3. There's always time for finishing this ol' bot up, no?

    Micronauts were always That One Thing I Missed, having read a few of the comics and being so fascinated by the look of the toys. Acroyear, being the only one I had seen as a kid, stood out among the pack, although the minute I found out about a Biotron toy as a younger man . . . hoo boy. Seeing a fully articulated version of one of those things would be tops, for sure!

    As for a Micronaut-inspired theme: if there are plans for one, and it's somehow not the next wave, please use the unpainted detail lines as an idea for it. It'll definitely call back to those simpler toy days, and making a big Biotron out of red, blue, and leftover white parts from Sonesidar would be a task most welcome!

  4. I really like this one... it looks like something from a future, ancient robot war

  5. reminds me of a 3A arcee :)