Doubled Up

Been extra busy behind the scenes over here, and the old blog has suffered for it. I have some new pics on deck, to hopefully make up for the quiet spell.

Lots of projects that have long been in the works are coming to fruition, and should start to surface over the next few months. Some brand new stuff from us and some brand new stuff from our partner companies. This summer should be pretty wild, at least as far as new Glyos is concerned!

Speaking of new projects, there is something secretly going on with Callgrim that may actually break your brains. Jesse really knows no limits. Be ready for big things.

I recently spent some time playing with Spy Monkey Creation's latest Weaponeers of Monkaa wave and wanted to see if I could put together a convincing Contained Build, using just two complete Weaponeers to make a single character. It is possible to use every single piece, but depending on who you want to represent, a few of the extra heads may be left to the side.

Each time that I build with a Weaponeer, I am really impressed by how big things get with so few parts! It's great having the different aesthetics to choose from, as it pushes the creativity in fresh new directions.


  1. Nice looking Monkaa build Matt!! Just curious, are we getting close to seeing a refill on the Buildstation Figures? Can't wait to integrate these into the fold! Thanks for all you and the crew are doing!

  2. "...going on with Callgrim that may actually break your brains."

    It's glyos beards, isn't it?

  3. Thank you Matt... Thank you for everything you do.
    These little, not so little builds are so inspiring, so much fun.
    I don't know that I can put a finger on it, but just know that your joy and fun with all these things is not just contagious and fun, but very much appreciated. Our lives are better for having these little guys in our pockets.

    These crazy builds are no exception! (Except they don't fit in the pockets so well... )


    1. And of course huge props to Brian and Jeremy!!! Can't forget them.