New Banimon Tonight!

2-D Design ace and master of all things Banimon, Boris Savic, has prepared a brand new wave of plastic action for release tonight, May 17th at 9PM EST in the Banimon store.

From the Banimon blog:

So as the drop date is approaching, the details are slowly unfolding. As far as toys are concerned, we will have two new colorways: the Revolutionary Guard (Red Army Men faction) and Ghost Troopers (Banigoth faction). Colors are blue with red paint and detail lines, and Glow in the dark with Black paint apps and no detail lines. There will also be some brand-new Banimon content detailing the clash of these two elite units in a fierce battle for Planet Havvacor, and a special, limited-edition t-shirt. 

The blue that Boris chose for the Revolutionary Guard is really stunning in hand, and pulls off quite a unique look with the red detail lines in place.  For the Ghost Troopers he selected a high contrast black for the spray applications, and the effect is extremely crisp and completely ominous -especially once the lights go out!

Our crew is very excited to see what Boris unveils tonight!

Keep cranking B!


  1. Heck ya!!! MJ & I totally dig Banimon & these colorways ROCK! Thanx Boris 4 bringin' these 2 the Glyoverse!!! (Hope I stated Glyoverse correctly...sorry Matt if I didn't...just so excited 2 see more of these awesome lil' guyz!) Boris, can't wait 2 c what u got cookin' 4 the rest of 2013 brutha! ;)

  2. those are pretty... I passed on the last couple of waves, but I'll likely get these guys! (I'm a sucker for things that glow in the dark)

  3. Yeah, I haven't picked up any banimon figures yet, but I'm a sucker for GITD. I'll be seeing you guys there tonight.