Paint Test

Trying some tests with painted areas on the Swing Joints. Looking at this one, I'm reminded a bit of the designs from the Guyver.


  1. Oh Matt, you big tease! Those painted joints look amazing and really add a lot of depth to the Glyoborg. Are painted swing joints something you're toying around with offering? I honestly can't decide which I like better, painted or unpainted!

  2. Thanks George! We definitely want to get some painted Swing Joint action into the mix this year. I personally feel the same way you do, that there is a place for both the painted and unpainted styles.

    Once the new Buildstation is in full effect, we'll have plenty of parts to continue the experiments on!

  3. Wow, the new apps look really nice, Matt! To add to what George was saying, the range of paint options add a lot of depth to the Glyos 'verse, and make it a lot easier for those of us who don't paint to add some flair to our builds. (Will the Axis Joint spheres be next, by any chance?)

    Not to say it wouldn't be nice having unpainted Hubs and Swings, of course. It's always best to have options, after all!