Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Michelle, Cady, CC and I hope you and your families have a great day (the mayhem started here at 5AM)!

Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog for the past few weeks, due to some major hours being logged in up at the shop, coupled with preparing for the next wave of stuff centering around the return of Glyaxia. Hopefully when everything comes into clearer focus, you will enjoy what you see.

Speaking of the next round, the tentative release date has been scheduled for Sunday, May 4th at 9:30PM EST. Production of the new Glyaxia order has taken a bit, as extra time was required to nail the fit and finish on all the stuff. It's been a while since we've run so much vinyl, so a few things had to be pulled off the shelf and reactivated to produce everything that we wanted to fit into this assortment.

The timing bump to May also effectively ends the monthly release schedule for 2014, which in light of the heavy frequency of offerings from across the boards, may not be such a bad thing. Some months may run in succession again, but the space between the big and little waves will spread out some more. It was fun to push the envelope, but the accompanying risk of overload has been clearly illustrated and we're tweaking the plan to keep the ship on track.

Thank you for all the feedback so far this year, your individual opinions really do make a difference and we take everything into consideration as each decision is made around here.

Pics of the new selections will start to filter in this week, along with a few sneaks from the latest projects being worked on at the shop!


  1. Happy Easter! And the eggs look beautiful.

    I'm glad that the releases are being bumped a little further apart, but the monthly were wonder, but painful on the wallet.

    I better make more room on my Vinyl shelf for the Glyaxia drop then

  2. Looking fwd to this upcoming & sure to be amazing Glyaxia drop!!

  3. Delphi egg. yes :) Excited for vinyl as always. Curious and excited to see the base color... blue seems more like I think, but yellow would be so crazy and unique that either one will rock. A large, vibrant vinyl drop is something I've been excited about since the EMD drop... Speaking of which, if EMD ever makes a come back, switch the vinyl to orange and go crazy. Obligatory bring on the Delphi and of course, HAPPY EASTER!

  4. Will they still be yellow and blue like I see in the Archive?

  5. Happy Ee-aster to you and yours, Matt! Glad to hear the drops are gonna be spaced apart a little. That oughtta make things a little easier on everybody.

  6. Happy Easter!
    I hope the end of the monthly releases doesn't mean we will miss out on any of the planned experimental mini-drops. Those are really cool!
    Also, the words "so much vinyl" has me quite interested!

  7. Hey Matt, what's that little thing-a-ma-jig sneaking into the photo on the left? Care to give a full shot of whatever that is?

  8. Hope you had a happy Easter, Matt!

    And don't stress about the change in scheduling. There's always plenty of good stuff to be had between drops, and it might just help folks to gather some more funds to send your way!

    Also: those eggs are awesome!