Thank You!!!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by on Sunday night!

These Alternate Month releases seem to be finding a decent rhythm, with the production numbers covering most of the demand for the new figures. Charging more for the extra paint on the Travelers makes me uneasy, but it was necessary if we wanted to give them all the bells and whistles and still stay in business. Though the higher price is not something I'm psyched about, being able to run these deluxe versions within much smaller assortments allows for not only a change of pace, but also an opportunity for more experimentation. Figures with more elaborate decos and detail lines, like the new Sullkren and Dark Traveler, are also easier to produce with a more dedicated and contained wave.

The continuing theme with these Alternate Month releases will be specially painted figures, ranging from all new characters to those that you may already know. Come the end of May, the LSA will make their first production appearance in their Standard colors, pulling their hues directly from the old Rechlen and Aves photo book (pages 25 and 26) albeit with a factory applied touch. The production numbers for this May LSA release are higher than normal, and there will be no limits.

Switching gears to this month, the new Glyaxia Wave is coming along on schedule, and after looking over the production samples, I think we should have some fun with this batch! Vinyl will be in effect, as well as some new paint applications on a few figures. Pics will start filtering in very soon.

To wrap up, I want to extend an extra special thank you for the continued support, especially with so many neat things out there from other makers to choose from.

When we started this project, the dream was to create a universe with no limits, a place that would grow with your imagination. It's only because each of you continue to give this concept a chance that we survive, almost 7 years after the first little production Pheyden crossed over from his world into ours.

Thank you!

Shipping starts Thursday morning!


  1. I am glad to hear that we will see more of these deluxe figures, and I think the sell out speaks for itself- people want them! I know I do. I want new versions of many characters, with paint applications, detail lines, and tampos! It would be cool to see contained builds like the Phase Defenders getting the same treatment. Its a great way of distinguishing the leaders of a group, or special characters.

    The Glyaxia drop sounds awesome, and I am saving up to get some vinyl too! Its been too long since we've had the chance to build with vinyl.

  2. Any hope of seeing the Nobotos head amongst the LSA? :D

  3. I really get a kick out of these smaller releases of more new and experimental stuff, it takes me back to the releases of years ago: "Oh man, three new figures!!!"

    1. Seriously, with just about the same excitement, too. You've really hit upon something with the new approach to paint applications, guys!

  4. I love the mini releases. Fun stuff. The standard LSA release has me very excited, so does the new Galaxia drop. Maybe I'm easily impressed, but you really seem to continue to build (no pun intended) upon each drop, which is what keeps me so excited about the Glyos Universe.

  5. I'm hoping for a rig, mini rig, or runner for vinyl. Looking forward to this drop!!