The Walking Dud

Today we welcome an all new figure into the Glyos family, manifesting in the form of Adam Smith's full production Walking Dud menace!

Adam Smith is the founder of True Cast Studio, which also houses the talents of Joshua Edwards, Patrick Quinn and the illustrious mustachioed master, Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen.

Marty has known Adam for many years, learning many of his early mold making tricks from the left handed molding ace, long before many of us ever considered the possibilities of resin.

Thanks to the talented combo of Adam (Dud base sculpt), Jason Frailey (hyper detail finish) and Marty (promotion and production assistance), The Walking Dud has made the leap from hellish handmade harbinger of doom to full fledged production PVC.

Projects like the Dud show a different side to the growth of Glyos as a whole, shining the spotlight on figural aspects that are not necessarily solely focused on build potential, but primarily on character design and classic action figure applications. More Socket Poppers than Buildman, which makes the spectrum of collecting all the more inviting. I personally love that the Dud shares the unified functionality of the joints, yet like the Power Lords, is not compromised aesthetically by its inclusion.

Down the road, I think we'll be seeing more projects like the Dud enter into into the mix, taking us into all new territories and spicing up the mix.

You can pick up the very first Test Shot production pieces of The Walking Dud this weekend, April 24th-25th, at C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois at the the Nerd City Booth (#750). This special edition is extremely limited and makes its debut in the same "Neo Phase" translucent neon green that we have run over here before. This particular hue is a sight to behold in person, changing drastically under different light sources and makes for an awesome combination with the Dud's superbly sculpted splatterhouse looks! Rumor has it that a certain battling beetle may also surface in this explosive green sometime in the next few months...

Congratulations to Adam and the entire True Cast Studio crew on their first production Dud!

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  1. VERY sweet in hand. & he comes with cool packaging too :)