1. Darkly atmospheric. Nicely done.

  2. When I was working at that Itallian Supermarket back in winter of 2014, we had a TON of snow come down and I'd always walk around the back onthe shopping center. Since delivery trucks frequented this particular section behind the building, the snow would get compacted into this kinda ice substance, and then while melting would carve out little valleys from the trickle rivers they created. If I had a minute movie camera, I totally could have used it to "fly" through those valleys and it would have looked like a real arctic shoot. Never had time to photograph any figures in it though, so I'm glad to see you got the chance.

    We've been light on the snow down here on long island this winter, today we had a Nor-Easter and got a few inches of snow, but now it's all slush and gross. :-/