Battle Tribes: Wave 2

Returning from beyond the arena of combat for another night of mayhem, Spy Monkey Creations has a fresh assortment of their new hit figure line, Battle Tribes, ready for action! Be sure to check out their store tonight, July 1st at 9PM EDT!

The mix of colors available for this second wave does not disappoint, drawing inspiration from a number of classic lines and swirling those influences into a top notch round of selections. The DX Livid Dracosaurian and DX Oozarian Warrior (shown above) particularly hit the mark for me, combining just the right balance of crazy 80's maniac color choices with a great series of subtle detailing to bring them to the next level.

Another barbarically awesome rollout!

Congratulations to the Spy Monkey Creations team for continuing to ramp things up!

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  1. These figures are fantastic. Some of my favorite figures period.