Banimon Desert Dogs

Supreme Commander of the Banimon Forces, Boris Savic, has his second release of 2016 ready for action right now over in the Banimon Shop!

The new "Desert Dogs" themed sand colored sets feature some crossover combination builds that Boris has personally configured for the occasion, utilizing a special exclusive Hub Set in conjunction with his classic Banimon figure. Supporting these heavy armored soldiers is a brand new edition of the Glyos compatible vinyl Banimon Tank, decked out in colors that also match right up with our Esedeth releases from earlier this year.

We're pretty fond of anything desert related around here as far as PVC goes, so this round is a definite house favorite. Boris always puts a unique spin on things and the results are consistently surprising and exciting.

If you get the chance, spend some time reading through the story content found throughout his blog entries, lots of cool insight into the Banimon mythos awaits within!

Love this wave, B!

*Photos shown above courtesy of Boris himself.

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