Bit Figs: Animal Series 1

Our initial brainstorming sessions for SSM Vending covered a lot of ground. Aside from the usual suspects from the Glyos System, Matt, Michelle and I started experimenting with our own take on classic vending toys. One of the ideas that came from SSM was to try some animals in the Bit Figs style, as they are a staple in the industry.

What seemed like a straight-forward task of creating popular critters in a 3D pixel style was trickier than originally thought. We knew the majority of these would be unpainted, and so all of the necessary detail had to be worked into the sculpt, as opposed to painting features like eyes and mouths. There was also the goal of giving these tiny guys personality. I remember collecting those ceramic figurines that came free with Red Rose Tea. They had a nice consistency throughout the line, but they weren't the most lively bunch to play with... Once we had solved the aesthetics of the eyes and sitting positions, we started to feel really good about the possibilities.

The other struggle was choosing which species to go with! We managed to narrow down a very long list into pets that we have had personal connections with- dogs, cats, bunnies and chickens. Like most people on planet Earth, we've loved and lost canines and felines, and wanted to pay tribute to these household guardians. My wife Heidi and I have also had rabbits for years, and as a result all of my nieces and nephews are smitten by our long-eared friends. The Doughty's also have chickens. A lot of chickens. After planning out the color palette that poor Bit Chick became a Duck, but she will not be forgotten.

Finally, the pig was a top choice because of our love for the color pink, and, well, Minecraft. That game is still played weekly at Onell HQ by the kids, and it's our tip of the cap to a property that helped propel the 8-bit retro style we love so much into the mainstream. One of my neighbors growing up also had a pet pig, and I'll never forget the noises he would make while scarfing down banana chips.

I promised this entry would be short (whoops), so I'll save more development chat for another post. Let's cut right to the good stuff:

Presenting Bit Figs: Animal Series 1! Five new 1" figures to search out and collect, in both painted and unpainted versions. These will also be popping up in vending machines across North America starting this weekend!!

Thanks again to the Dumphy family at SSM and for everyone's support so far. We have even more Bit Figs related projects nearing completion, one in particular that has a much deeper connection to the Glyos System...



  1. Isn't that a Pheyden face looking out from beneath the bunny????

  2. Came to point out the same thing. I want.