New Blood

Starting at the end of December some new versions of the boys will start to show up. The first two are Frontier Pheyden and Cyber Ghost Exellis. For the next three months and into Toy Fair New York we will release a new version of Pheyden and Exellis per month. Gobon and the Crayboth are cooking and special preview editions will be available mid-end of January. The packaged full runs will drop at the end of February/ beginning of March. Some surprises are also in the works. 2008 will be a very active year for new product and fun promotions. Oh yeah, maybe a Sky Deviler will visit the Glyos System next month....


  1. Just the usual stuff, when? when? And when can I start selling them for you?

  2. Hey it's past the end of December. Are we good to go?

  3. More amazing clear plastic and a family cross over to boot!