Phase Arm Accessory

After about one month of revisions and refinements, the Phase Arm attachment is ready to go into production. This little arm blaster looks pretty standard at first glance, but it has got a few twists up its mechanical sleeve. By rearranging the three part assembly in different configurations in combination with Pheyden or Exellis you can modify and customize like crazy. With enough Phase Arms a wide variety of stand alone drones and mechanical forms can be created. Pheyden can become armored up and taller and wider. These little buggers will start coming with all the figures as soon as they are finished in production and get here. There is also a Gobon Blaster in the works that is compatible with the Phase Arm and everything else. Accessory time is here.


  1. Cool, now when are we going to see it? Think about the different types of phase arm as well.

    An organic one says a spray type thrower, whilst a clean one says blaster.

  2. NICE! I love the last shot with the parts in the shoulders and shins.

  3. I <3 phase arms. They rock socks. I can never have enough in my collection to build with it seems too LoL. I'll always get 3 sets and then say "Wait...to make this custom I'm going to need about 3 more sets. D'oh!". These little things are like the Pringles of the Glyos system: once you pop you just can't stop.