The Crayboth Invade!

After what seems like 90 years, the Crayboth have finally invaded the warehouse!
Available in 5 different 2 packs, there is hopefully a style for each collector's individual tastes. This is the very first run and we here at Onell are really excited to build a massive army to give Pheyden and Exellis something to mess with. Speaking of those old boys, some reinforcements have also made it here to flesh out their ranks....


  1. I want a 2 pack! How do I order?

  2. In the upper right hand corner, click on "Enter Shop."

    These look AWESOME!

  3. Some look like they'd be interesting to mix opague and clear parts on, but they all look fun. Been waiting for these guys, hope you release a bigger version later, too! Maybe a Crayboth Queen? XD

  4. Da Crayboth are here!!!

    Man, I think we could of got some pre-order action on these for you. Like the colors, and great to see a new denzien from the Glyos system appear.

  5. Hooray for swarm troopers! I had my friend (she has the paypal account) order Crayboth Pack #3 & I can't wait to fiddle around with 'em in person.