Deviler is Done!

We want to thank everybody who ordered this beastly apparition over the past few days, we really appreciate the support! Big thanks go out to Rand Borden for allowing us to tinker with his creation and hooking us up with our first foray into vinyl. Also thanks to Josh B at CollectionDX for letting us ride along as he spread the word about this crossover. Lastly, I want to personally thank my sister Megan for hooking this whole deal up, staying on her good side keeps me from getting monster stomped.


  1. I'm certainly glad I was able to get my hands on one of these while they were availabe!! And now that I have him I feel compelled to draw a picture illustrating why the Sky Deviler is chock full of Crayboth :)

  2. I got mine last night and I have to say I'm totally loving it and all the new Glyos figures. Well done all.

  3. I missed this one, but it's so insane on so many levels. Awesome job Matt!