Custom Moody For Bovinyl Show

Big thanks go out to the crew at Bovinyl for including us in their first custom show in the USA being held at the Pravus Gallery in downtown Phoenix, AZ on May 2nd 2008. The show is entitled "Don't Cry Over Spilt VINYL" and includes a crazy roster of today's talented customizers. When we got word that we could participate in this cool project we jumped at the chance. The Bovinyl platform figure is called a "Moody" and is sort of a demon/cow hybrid cast in white vinyl that is really great quality and excellent for messing with. Super solid and tough as nails. After eyeballing it for a while this bizarre ship sprung forth.

For the pilot, a new character makes his appearance in the Glyos System...Govurom! Grosser than Phanost and crustier than a Crayboth, Govurom is a twisted Sincroid that has fused with a renegade version of Pheyden. Containing two personalities in one body has taken a toll, creating a very decayed and warped visage that is horrifying to those who look upon it. Even though his mind may be slightly bent, the being known as Govurom is extremely dangerous and unpredictable in his actions, piloting his Dimension Jumper throughout multiple realities in search of ancient ruins and their legendary artifacts. His ultimate reasons for these quests remain a mystery.

We hope you guys enjoy this Moody Custom and encourage everyone to take a stab at chopping one up. Thanks go out to Ted Stilson and Matt Connelly for their amazing support and generous contributions to the independent toy scene.