New York Comic Con

We know things have been a little quiet around Glyos lately but that is about to change. On kind of a last minute thing we will be at the New York Comic Con this weekend (April 18th -20th), set up with our friends at Rocket North in the Small Press area. This con will see the debut of two all new colorways for our old standards -Pulse Version Pheyden and Empire Version Exellis. These guys are available now in the store to coincide with the con for those who can't make the trip. We also have a special surprise coming around the corner that may trickle out in New York for a bit...



  1. Exellis may not be my favorite sculpt, but man the Empire Version looks amazing! i may have to pick this one up! its so hard to choose which ones to start my collection with!

  2. Alright! More Glyos figures!

    they look great :)

  3. Don't get me wrong, I love the new color waves and my order is already sent but I need need need me some Buildman Ranics and Phanosts!