Armodoc Part II


  1. Good lord that's terrifying. Hopefully one will be out by SCDD? I'd certainly like to get my hands one one of these...

  2. Oooooooooh! Armodoc shows his face! BADASS!! Even cooler than I expected. When can I buy one!

  3. Yeah, I like it.
    Hard to form an opinion based on the BACK of something...

  4. Nice, very nice. My kids have a bunch of 6 inch Godzilla figures, I can see a battle looming with this bad boy. Nice work Matt just promise you will make enough so that we can all get one. Please!!!!

  5. hm definitely crazy how much will this be?

  6. I don't see how any of the glyos figures will be able to pilot this badboy. Hmmmm...does the head just pop off? Or is there a sliding compartment cover somewhere? I guess time will tell....

  7. His Face is so menacing! I can't freaking wait to get one of these, I will have to clear a spot on my shelf! :)

    I'm saving up my birthday money for one of these, definetly, Seeing as how my birthday is friday the 8th :D

  8. What I absolutely love about
    this toy is how the articulation
    is there, and yet the look of
    the figure is whole. There are
    no joint pegs and it avoids
    the "stiff elbow" look so many
    kaiju toys have. 12 inch dolls
    usually benefit by having clothes
    covering up the mechanics of
    their articulation, but this
    toy has no coverings and it
    looks still looks fantastic.

    Excellent work, Onell!

  9. Armodoc will destroy everything in his path....ARMODOC WILL DESTROY!!!

  10. That is way meaner looking than I thought it would be. I am many excited.

  11. Diggin' the Armodoc's design, can't wait to see it in it's final colors. Wonder if they'll be colorways for this right out the gate, or just the standard colors at first(whatever THOSE may be)??