After what seems like forever, we have finally launched a new wave of Glyos figures. Poke around the store (REFRESH EVERY PAGE!) and those areas to your right to track down the latest additions to the crew. You can now power up your collection with all new production Phase Arms and Gobon Blasters that are fun and easy to build with. I also want to take a moment to say a deep thank you to our partner in craziness, Marc Beaudette. Marc put his blood into this update, and his work on the Passcode (and everything else) is truly exceptional. Thanks Marcus, you did real good. We thank you for your patience and hope that you all enjoy the new stuff. Check out the Passcode and make sure to visit Callgrim.com for more Buildman colors selected by the one and only Jesse Moore! Have fun!


  1. Insomnia worked in my favor.

    Absolutely love the Passcode (though, using a Touchpad instead of a proper mouse, it made the game that much more challenging) -- right down to the music and the "mistranslation" at the start!

    Anyway, love the new layout for the store (though I was hoping to see some light warm gray / Standard Sarvos-colored blasters available) -- prepare for the biggest order from me yet!

    Awesome work all!

  2. Passcode is amazing. It makes me want to stay up and play NES... I'm going to tired at work tomorrow.
    Love the layout, love the new stuff.
    I grudgingly admit the wait was worth it.

  3. WOW!!!!!! Matt and Marcus you two have done it again and THEN SOME!!! I LOOOOVED the passcode!!! Man did that story and graphics ROCK! The passcode was a lot of fun and I totally flashed back to late nights as a teenager getting to a new level of Ninja Gaiden or Metroid or Megaman when my parents thought I was asleep. I usually am a conservative buyer of your toys Matt, but as time goes by I find myself buying larger and larger orders without a second thought. This is a testament to how great this product is and to the creativity of you and your pals. GREAT WORK!

  4. Hehe..Hey night owls! I thought I was gonna be the first to post, but as soon as I hit "publish", both of your posts appeared. :)

  5. Those Phase Arms colors are in your near future... I'm happy you like the stuff, the Passcode was a blast to make, Marcus did amazing with the animation. Thanks you guys!

  6. I just bought a ton of new stuff. The toughest part about Buildman figures is taking them apart to build new constructions; I want the figure and the new creation that I make!

  7. Particularly love the spectre and infiltrator...looking forward to building some seriously evil monsters with those.

    Now about my order sizes...would love to see a frequent flyer club in place here sometime soon to reward us die-hards.

    Perfectly willing to drop $500/year on this project, but we need to get the figure pricing down around $5 eventually and still make you money to continue on, while leaving some cash in our wallets for air/water/food.

    Looking forward to next steps!


  8. I don't know about anyone else, but that Passcode really makes me want a Glyos videogame.
    What can I say that hasn't been said already? This is simply amazing, and I love every bit of it. My order should be in soon after I put even MORE money on my card now... Heh. Love the work Matt, and I hope to see more great things soon!

  9. please to text all of you for the first time, Mr. Onell love your creations, sorry to hear about the junk shop going, the new figures look great. I just recently got a shipment i put in and i've been messing with it since.

  10. Gah... finally!! sooo much to buy... bless you and DAMN you doughty!! its a good thing I wasn't really planning on getting anything else this month.. :)

  11. Two words Matt:


    Everyone else has already said what I was going to say. Simply put, you guys ROCK!

  12. LOVING the new stuff Matt, the site looks cooler, the color schemes are great too. Got the homage with Ferrum Buildman *cough*Iron Man*cough*, but the name is really clever, as it also is another word for Iron, lol. Nicely done. Really digging the look of the Phase Buildman, can't wait to see what color the visor is on it.

    Placed an order already, just a little one for now, but expect another one soon.

    Played the passcode & managed to get it in one shot, but it was lots of fun. Was really cool to see a story for the Glyos guys play out like that, definetly filled in some of the gaps of my knowledge on the characters.

    My hat's off to you duder, keep up the good word & looking forward to whatever you put out next. :-D

  13. Also, as an addendum: now I might have to go snag one of Disasterpeace's albums, thanks to the Passcode score. Why must you insist on parting me from my monies, my friend? Why?

  14. Haha, I agree Kranix(?). I could definitely jam to that music like any other "real" music.

    I went through the Passcode game again, watched the credits, and listened to the whole song. Man, what a piece of art the whole game and music is.

    Seriously, as cool as Glyos system stuff has always been, today I think the cool factor has increased ten fold with this game and the story that accompanied it. Really breathed life into these characters like never before.

    With the bar being raised higher and higher with each release, I can't wait to see what they've got brewing for the next major update. Everything about this wave has been well worth the wait.

    Again, AMAZING job to everyone involved with this.

  15. Thanks guys! So glad everyone is digging the next level of the Passcode. The music of Disasterpeace was essential for the project and we can't thank him enough for letting us pillage his entire catalog.

    Disasterpeace just launched his new site today- be sure to head over there and support him! I highly recommend picking up "Level", which is truly a work of chiptune-art, but all of his stuff is amazing. Expect more collabs & crossovers in the near future...

    visit disasterpeace.com !!

  16. Marcus: beat you to it! Thank gods for CD Baby doin' the MP3 album thing...

    And REX (and everyone else, for that matter), you might want to check out "Two" and "Three" off of Level. Or really, the entire thing, especially if you're into IDM / electronic / progressive rock (!) at all. After a while, you don't even realize it's done in the old "8 bit" style.

    Okay, I'm going to hush-up now. And Marcus: awesome work again! Truly, the "unsung hero" of this whole project...

  17. Not only did I buy many monies worth of Buildman, I just bought two disasterpeace CDs. Maybe I'll listen to them when I'm on the floor playing Glyos.

  18. Pure awesome. Love the new developments. 'Passcode' is a blast and finding all of the exclusives tucked away around the site is like cracking open a piñata. My collection is about to explode. I couldn't be more stoked to get my first Buildman toys.

  19. Just want to say it all looks awesome even though I'm not in a position to purchase any at this time. Great addition, poor timing. I also like the layout of the store, it's alot easier to navigate and the new game is fun. Keep up the great work!

  20. I loved the new Passcode game... but I hate the fact that the exclusive Infiltrator figure and blaster arm set sold out, and then seeing on the message board that people were buying multiples of them (some people saying that they bought 5 of each!). I wish there was a limit (at least on the rare figures) to how many you could buy so that more people can get one. Done complaining now..