Reinforced and Ready Again

The new wave is finally ready to go! Refresh every page! Thanks so much to all you guys for yet another display of incredible patience. I will always truly appreciate everything that all of you have done for us over here. As we roll out each new release the level of intensity continues to get higher, and sometimes we get behind (all the time). It's our collective goal to make each project we do something that can be enjoyed and then taken into the unknown of the imagination- creating something brand new that can be shared and appreciated by kindred spirits. We hope that the new stuff inspires your creativity and continues to bring us all together as we navigate this strange and incredible journey. And now some very important things. I want to raise a glass to Marc for taking the Passcode to another level. This dedicated machine put in an unbelievable amount of creativity, time and effort into what is our best animated tale of the Glyos System to date. Not to mention dealing with my insanity for far too long. Thanks Marcus, you've accomplished something glorious. I want to say congratulations to my wife and partner in multiple crimes, Michelle, who can finally see her long overdue creation Gobon roll off the assembly line and into the world. Sorry it took me so long Noni, he was a hard bugger to get to cooperate. Though he's not popping up over here (yet), get ready for the amazing Callgrim to make his online debut at www.callgrim.com very soon. Jesse continues to show us all how it's done with his powerful painting skills and killer toy design work. Thanks to my bearded brother, Glyos will be getting some anti heroes with extra bite, knees, elbows... and guns! Jesse, seeing you hold Callgrim in your hand after all this time makes me happier than when I first held Pheyden, you deserve all the great things coming your way. Massive thanks to Rich Vreeland, aka Disasterpeace, for his amazing musical contributions to the Passcode and letting us pillage his entire catalog. Rich, you are an original and brilliant composer. One last shout out- to the master, Ron Daley. Everything I've ever done that even remotely came out good was done side by side with this genius. Ron, I'm looking forward to our next round of building madness, King Crayboth is ready to surface! Thanks again to all of you for sticking with us- we're still alive because of your continued encouragement, understanding and support.


  1. This wave is really awesome Matt. I think I got one of everything. Outstanding work on the Passcode game. It was really cinematic and the score was superb as well. You're working with a great team of talented individuals. All the best and looking forward to new designs!


  2. Avoiding spoilers as much as possible, you guys have managed to tug at the ol' heartstrings with Ghosts of Nemica. Seriously, right choice of music, writing was dead-on, just the whole thing?


    Anyway, glad to hear you're able to do this up again, gang! Hope this wave proves the most successful yet!

  3. I'm gonna echo the praises of the Passcode and say it was amazing as well. Everything about it was amazing. The graphics? Amazing! The story? Amazing! The music? Amazing! I actually had goosebumps through the whole thing. Expect my money to arrive very shortly! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this whole operation. Goodluck, and make sure you all get some rest over the next couple of weeks. :)

  4. great stuff, passcode is fantastic I loved it!

    So much great stuff as well there was quite abit I had to pass up on but I had to draw the line somewhere because sadly your great little guys will not feed me when im hungry so best save some moolah for food :)

    glad to have ordered an Armodoc and a Gobon and I love the buildstation,great stuff!

  5. my extreme thanks to each and every one of you for everything... this truly exceeded expectations (and they were pretty high) the passcode is continually amazing, and getting stronger as the story advances.. just the sheer volume of it all made my head explode... there is so much... I ordered as much as I could swing this time... but I know it'll be more than worth it. thank you again.. it's all amazing

    you've done something no toy movie or retro toy line has succeeded in... you've let me relive the good parts of my childhood a bit..

    and for that, I can't thank you enough.

  6. The DIY Buildmen are a steal!

  7. O_O Gah so much cool stuff & I'm on vacation and can't order more then the $50+ worth of stuff I just bought. I know I'm going to need loads of everything & have several plans for those orange phase arms/gobon blasters.

    Matt, kudos on everything. The Glyos System Build Station is awesome beyond words. I hope there are still some left to buy by the time I get home on Friday/Saturday.

    The passcode was brilliant, both you & Marc deserve MAJOR kudos for it, the music from disasterpiece really fits with the story excellently.

    Awesome to see Gobon finally out for sale too, have to snag some of those clear ones soon too. Congrats to Michelle for her creation finally seeing the light of day. :-D

    Totally worth the wait & you guys are just THE best toy people out there these days in my opinion. Mattel, Hasbro, etc.; they don't got ANYTHING on you guys. Keep up the fantastic work & I'm looking fondly towards your next batch of new stuff. Bravo! *stands up & applauds*

  8. Definitely worth the wait. :D I spent too much at SDCC so I'm actually glad this wave took a little longer coming out (although I did stalk to site for a week or so).

    As everyone said, the passcode was just AMAZING!! Great work Marcus and Matt!! I love the new story and game, and the secret(shhh!)store had really great stuff!

    Can't wait for the next Glyos project! King Crayboth sounds awsome! Real Head x Onell looks SICK! And I'm sure you've got plenty more cool ideas brewing, but until then....have a nice break you guys! (After all the shipping orders, etc...) :D

  9. I missed out on Armodoc by a minute, it just disappeared from the store. *sadface

  10. Gahhhhh! Get more Armodocs or I'ma gank you on Saturday :P Congrats on the amazing sales but I am SERIOUSLY bummed to have missed out on them by a matter of minutes. The Passcode goodies were a fantastic surprise tho as is the Warpzone set.

  11. Congrats on the great Passcode & the sell out of the Armodocs. Never expected them to sell out so fast.

    Thanks for your hardwork & awesome products

  12. Hey Matt and Co.,

    I cannot agree more with all the praise that has posted here already.

    The new releases all look outstanding! It's really hard to say which ones I am most excited for, but Nemica Gobon, Scar Pheyden, and the Armodocs are certainly standouts.

    And the PASSCODE... again... just WOW. Everything about it. The story, the graphics, the music, and the game was a fun one too! What you guys have created is pure gold. Kudos and thank yous to you, Marcus, and Disasterpeace for another amazing work of art!

    Thanks again you guys. This wave is truly awesome and the best yet!

    - Robby

  13. So glad I had enough money to grab the Passcode goodies and the Sarvos (I've wanted a Sarvos for freagin months). Gotta buy a haul of Buildmen providing they're still here by my next paycheck.

    Anyways... Its so awesome to have a group who cares about its fans as much as its creations, I can only imagine how rewarding your jobs are. The waits are always worth it and I'm sure the store will only keep getting better. The Passcode games always make me miss my Nintendo and Mega Man games. It's really cool watching all the characters we collect interacting with eachother. I'd tell you guys to keep up the good work but I doubt you'd ever stop. Dang I sound corny...

    Still impatiently awaiting a Govurom.

  14. Great wave Matt, great passcode game too, you guys are awesome. I'm just sorry I missed it I was out, saw that the wave hit, but couldn't order got home and it was all gone (almost all).....I expected it to see out but didn't anticipate it being that fast!!!!

    Anyway I'm happy that it was a success especially after all of the problems you had.

    Thank you for everything you guys are the best!!

  15. armodocs gone nooooooooooooooooooo :'(

  16. Matt,
    This has been a real treat to wait and finally see all of the unveiling products. PASSCODE=Genious! I love being taken back to the 8 bit world and then rewarded at the end of the game with items of excellance for reasonable purchase.
    Armordoc,all I can say"Make More please" LOL! Great concept there. UV technology is pretty clever and inspiring. All the colorways excellant! Also cannot forget Gobon! Props to Michelle another talented artist part of the team:) You guys ROCK!!!

  17. Gaaah! Stop buying Gobons darnit I don't have monies yet!!

  18. Matt, thank you again for sharing your amazing talent. My son is CRAZY about these figures and the Pheyden from a couple of years ago sits up on a shelf in a place of honor in his room. He has been re-assembling the different figures into new and creative creatures. Thanks again for your kindness and generousity. Warmest regards & God bless, Dawn Miramontes (Alejandro's Mom)

  19. Why are Glyos figures SO addictive? Buy more, need more!

  20. I come back to this site after a month hoping that the Gobons will have come in.

    As happy as I was to learn that they have, I am disappointed that they're gone.

    How long until they restock?

  21. We NEED more blank white figures and parts. Seriously.