Toy Karma 2

Somehow a few new customs were knocked out during the mayhem of the latest launch. Parts of the piloted one were shown a little while ago as an example of the PVC to vinyl building potential of the new Armodoc. That little bandaged guy is based on a character that I made when I was younger. His name was (and still is) "Hermit" and he piloted a robot that could transform into a house. Yeah, a house. I have no idea why, but I was obsessed with Hermit and his Robo-Domicile through most of my youth and I still think about this character now (as evidenced by this custom). When we got an invitation to Mark Nagata's Toy Karma 2 it seemed like a good opportunity to update this old character. This time he has a strange, beefy little Armodrone messing with him. Maybe they used to be friends and couldn't agree on the rent for Hermit's retarded Housedroid. Either way, we are honored over here to be included in Toy Karma 2 at Rotofugi Gallery out in Chicago this Saturday. The lineup is insane and the customs will be diverse and glorious. Maybe Hermit will find a new place to live while he's out there. Thanks to Mark, Matt Walker and Rotofugi for letting us jump on board this great event.


  1. I love that little armodrone and need more armodocs in which to make it so it can be in my home always and forever...

    and to be frank, I like Hermit.. he's a sentient hermit crab forever travelling in his home... I created a bunch of weird things when I was a kid, there are really no limits then. I miss that

  2. Thanks, Matt. I am reduced to gibberish after seeing these pics.

    I absolutely love these two designs, too. Going off the "house" thing, you could even take the twin cannons as being "chimneys" or "smokestacks" when in domicile mode, and the rope around the fist arm is an inspired touch. The Armilot is equal parts smooth and funny, and it even looks unhappy, given the incidental "frown" of the pelvis lines.

    Really, these are absolutely sick. And I hope we actually get to see more of the Hermit soon!

  3. "couldn't agree on the rent for Hermit's retarded Housedroid"
    Bwahahaha thats great ,so is the the head going to be available?

  4. Did not see this in the previews list... Do you know if it will be listed?

  5. Every time you make something my jaw just drops. the kids are gonna love seeing these when they get home from school.

    Great work as always!!

  6. Again, another awesome custom job Matt! I love the paint job on each of the pieces shown here. Did Matt Walker do the paint jobs on everything in this post? Either way, all the Armo-customs looks super dope (I especially love the added detail on the arm and shoulder of hermit's domicile), and I love the Hermit character a bunch as well. What will you come up with next!! :D