L'amour Supreme at Super 7

The man, the myth, the monster maker, L'amour Supreme, will be appearing for a solo show at the San Francisco headquarters of Super 7 this weekend (October 24th at 7PM). This is a great chance for those of you in the Bay Area to meet one of the coolest characters in the business. L'amour will have one of a kind custom painted creations for sale and some very cool takes on pieces from toy producing dynamos like Real X Head, Super 7 and even Killer J just to name a few. There may even be a sneak peek of some crossover stuff on the horizon with us as well. Check the Super 7 blog for more information about what they have cooking. Good luck Joel!


  1. Groovetastic. Although, are those black torsos painted or surplus? I don't recall seeing any figs using those particular black parts lately...

  2. O_o Yowza! I saw that L'amour Supreme was doing a show at Super 7, and I was hoping it would be here in S.F.!!! So glad to find out that is the case!! And if I am able to get anything like what I'm seeing here on the blog, I waill go ape s#&^!!! Thanks for the heads up Matt!!

  3. the orange skull head that gots eaten by some crocodile is awesome! looking forward!!!

  4. Love your figures - where can i get em -

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