Toxic Catalyst

Thanks go out to Sean and Cliff of MONSTREHERO for letting us be part of the awesome resin show they have curated for Super 7. With so many innovative artists on the roster, we feel humbled to even rub elbows with any of these guys.

The piece that was sent out West is one of two urethane castings of the original prototype for the Rig. The first cast went over to China to be sacrificed for the production run, and the other cast stayed here so that I could make a paint master and work out some ideas on applications for full production. Eventually the experimenting resulted in a very weathered looking "Old Rig". Usually these prototypes stay in the shop, but for this special event we are letting one out into the wild. The Old Rig will most likely be the last completely urethane version of the Rig ever made.

I remember years ago when we only sold urethane figures before we made the jump to overseas production. One Pheyden, with 13 parts, took me roughly 5 hours to cast, clean, dye, assemble and then paint. We sold them for $20 and they were fully articulated. Rechlen and Aves were a little smaller and were a tiny bit less labor intensive, but the paint applications were challenging. I remember making all those old urethane figures as if it was this morning, I think Ron still has nightmares about how much time we spent in the shop! Sometimes I think about digging those molds out for some crazy CC run, but that may be too nuts even for fools like us.

Thanks again to MONSTREHERO and Super 7 for pouring off a very cool show!

Here are some shots from the old days to give you an idea of the way things used to be (not much different).


  1. I remember those good ol' days...@ SD CC 2006 when I saw your hand cast/dyed/painted incredible creations!!! Thanx 4 postin' these old photos!

    Nice RIG 4 the TC show!


  2. Great old pics, thanks for sharing them and the story that goes along with them! While I'd love to get some of those old figures in a crazy CC like you say, I wouldn't want you to put yourself through all of that crazy-intense production. You already do a lot for us fans! Thanks.

  3. But if you do more Crayboth colorways in the future, I'd love to see the colors from the picture above, they look great!

  4. You totally need to bring back Rechlen and Aves in a similar format to the OSM figures now, Matt... :D

  5. I'd like to say I would love a Rechlen & Aves CC run, but I don't want you to kill yourself making them for us fans. You do a lot for us already.

    I'm all for new colorways of Crayboth.

  6. Ah, the classics. The Buildman pic is something else, and the final shot of Rechlen and Aves is...well, you can just hear the echoes bouncing off of those walls.

    It'd be great to see some of these guys again, in whatever form. Thanks for posting the pics!

  7. Caption for the last pic:

    "Rechlen, dude... we've been ROBBED!!!"

  8. I want to go see that show, but I'm a little confused....Is it gonna be at super7? Cause that is not the right address. And do you have to be invited?

  9. Awesome stuff.

    I am so yearning for a standard release Rechlen head sculpt... C'mon Matt, we already have the red Aves Exellis. We need Rechlen! :-)