The Black Lights

In between packing out the orders from the Solaris drop (orders begin shipping today), I took a few moments to play around with the new Outer Space Men from SDCC. They have a different build factor, but once you get swapping some cool things start to happen.

As an added bonus, I was testing out some black lights for another project and I discovered that the OSM are SUPER reactive to that dark glow! These photos are not doctored at all, just straight shots with the levels slightly adjusted. You guys need to get these things under some black lights and see for yourselves!


  1. Cool shots and combos. Also, diggin' the Tron vibe from that Sarvos. Almost expect a disc accessory next...

  2. Roy beat me to the punch on the Tron thing, but it's true... it's the first thing you think of when you see it! Much fun!

    You know... seeing the red and white guy up above in that configuration makes me think that Rechlen and Aves would look REALLY good as a part of this series, Matt!

  3. Wow Matt, the glows are amazing can't wait to play around with some of those! The gatekeepers are looking so awsome too! once again what was gunna be a small want list for me keeps getting bigger oh well :)

  4. Holy Smokes those are cool! My wallte is thinning fast I can see it:)