Axis Builds

Some more exploration of the new Axis Joints in conjunction with some Phase Arm/Gobon Blasters and Buildman.

The big guy has 62 combined parts and uses 1 Buildman, 1 Phase Arm Set (2 Phase Arms and 2 Gobon Blasters), and 3 Axis Joint Sets. The medium sized one has 35 combined parts and uses 1 Buildman, 1 single Phase Arm, 1 single Gobon Blaster and 1 Axis Joint Set.

Standard parts count:
Buildman -19 parts
Phase Arm Set -10 parts
Axis Joint Set -11 parts

Now, back to packing orders!


  1. Holy cats! Bigman looks incredible!

  2. I can't wait to get my hands on the new joints - they look awesome!

  3. The new joints are just what the doctor ordered... eagerly awaiting my first 2 sets and more colors!

  4. That big buildman is fantastic!! Cant wait for more joints to pop up I need to have a few of those bad boys